You’re punishing me because I live in AZ??

I am seething right now. I don’t know if anyone will find this little post, anyone of those people who think that the ENTIRE FREAKING STATE of AZ are nothing but bad racist people. If you found this, and you’re one of those people, screw you.

For everyone else, I’m sorry but I have got to rant.

This is ridiculous. Bands are cancelling shows in AZ, people are boycotting Diomondbacks games, companies are cancelling conferences here, all because of the terrible immigration law.

Let me tell you something, bands. You’re punishing your fans??? Because they live here??? And to everyone else, you’re gonna kill our economy, making our taxes raise, so the little guy gets screwed. Guess what? Politicians aren’t gonna get hurt. It’s people like me who are gonna get hurt. And guess what? A lot of those immigrants actually use social security numbers and PAY TAXES. So by you doing this to our state, you’re screwing the people you’re thinking about here. Or those citizens who are getting pulled over because they look like they could be illegal? THEY PAY TAXES. They might even like your stupid band, or be Diomondbacks fans.

It is so freakin backward to screw the entire state because of what the politicians are doing. I can’t even believe this. It was the last straw when I found out bands are cancelling shows. Wow. Yeah, cuz it’s all the fans’ fault.

You know, where I went to school, I was one of the few caucasian kids. It was “reverse racism”, it was “f*cking white bitch” every time I turned a corner. I know what racism is. And I still stayed in this state.

I’m livid. If you are boycotting AZ and you’re reading this, THINK. Ok?

Oh yeah, and Arizona iced tea? NOT BREWED HERE. So you’re boycotting it for no reason.

Gah!!!! This country is gonna fall apart in the next ten years and I have to say it won’t be all the politicians’ faults.

Think, Americans. This is stupid. Don’t punish me because I live in AZ.


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  1. I understand your point, but I have to say that I’m nervous about bringing my brown-skinned children with a Spanish last name to Arizona. Although hubby and the kids are legitimate American citizens, I’m the only one with documents to prove that I “belong” (my green card), unless Lucas and I are supposed to show everyone our military IDs and the girls’ birth certificates.

    Also, removing teachers with accents? I’m an immigrant, and have a more neutral American accent than many many many citizens I know who’ve never left Texas.

    That said, it’s not you that I’m worried about. It’s the people who support the law … including my father-in-law, the Hispanic son of illegal immigrants, who grew up working as a migrant fruit-picker. I don’t get it.

  2. Haha. This post made me laugh, not because of what is happening but because of how stupid the people you are talking about. Boycotting Tea.. really? I agree with everything you said.. People are stupid, they think they are being clever but are really coming off like big dumb butts. lol. Well, I wish you luck with your rants and getting out your word. I would like to link back to this with your permission, so can I?

  3. Ro

    Feel free Natalie.

    I definitely don’t support the law. What I’m pissed about is everyone boycotting my entire state because of it. I’m talking corporations and musicians and stuff, not people who are afraid to come here. I totally get that. I’m pissed because my economy will suffer even more meaning the little people, like me, will suffer. All because my governer is evil. It’s not our fault, we didn’t even vote her in. She got in because Obama stole Nepalitano. How we got Brewer is beyond me. And I hate that my state has to suffer because of evil people. I’m just scared. I’m scared to be white here, I’m scared of retaliation, I’m scred of the students surrounding the school board office, it’s just getting scary. This world is so messed up. Gah…

    Where’s my therapist…oh yeah, she moved to Florida. Damnit.

  4. That Arizona Iced Tea thing made me giggle. People just take up activism and don’t know what they’re doing, like the folks who protested outside the wrong member of parliament’s office. Yup, ineffective and stupid.

    I wonder if you could write a letter to your governor expressing these sentiments, as in look what your law is making people do, and I wonder what would happen?

  5. Ro

    Eh, I have no faith. There’s no point. It’s already started and it’s just gonna continue. She’s evil. Don’t even get me started on how much she’s screwed the schools and the mental health system.

  6. Maybe you should just give in and move to Texas like Amanda and I told you lol. San Antonio is great plus you know we don’t discriminate! I actually think it would be possible to even try pass laws like that.. haha.

  7. Ro

    If I move anywhere, it’ll be Canada. I’m guessing in about ten years, Canada will have to close their borders cuz everyone from the US will want to live there hahaha!!

  8. Haha you know, one of my professors always put us in our place anytime we were complaining about the economy or politics, she said if we don’t like it we can move. She said she would move out of the country in a heartbeat if she didn’t agree with what was going on, no one is forcing us to be here lol. But you’re probably right – Canada will have a law that states if you look American they have the right to ask you to prove your citizenship.

  9. Ro

    Yeah, and I get that argument. Problem is, I love living here. Politics aside, I put up with extreme heat in exchange for no other terrible weather. I hate that my state is being attacked and really my anger is at the governer, not the state iteself. And I don’t want to leave the US. But I have the right to complain, because I vote. Not that that means much anymore but ah, I’m just going off on a tangent. Moving is a hell of a lot easier said than done, ya know? If I was young and healthy yeah, I’d probably consider moving.

  10. One thing you’re forgetting is that money talks, especially to evil bigots like the ones in charge of your state. When money starts drying up and things start leaving town, people will want answers, and if they don’t get them, somebody’s out of a job. I’m sorry, but the boycott makes sense in that respect. I wouldn’t want to do business with open racists either.

  11. Ro

    Yeah, I was talking to Carol about this yesterday and she pointed out that the state is run by republicans, so the money is a huge deal. I understand the point of it, but it hurts.

    Apparently a Canadian band is coming to play here and they’re urging other bands to come to use their fame to speak out against all this. I don’t know who the band is though.

  12. Exactly. When business sneezes, Republicans trip over themselves to suck the snot off its face. Now if it were just little people like you or I being hurt we’d be screwed, because the system is so out of wack that ordinary average guys don’t have much in the way of lobbying power. But the impact will be felt high up, so there’s a much better chance for change.

    Now as for the band coming to speak out against this, I see the argument for that, but you’re kinda preaching to the choir there. Everybody in the State who has more than the one lonely brain cell required to see this for the horrible idea it is already knows the score, plus by showing up money is still flowing in, which defeats the whole purpose. If you want to hit the State where it hurts, why are they collecting taxes on the tickets or on other items people buy while they’re in town?

  13. I didn’t like how things were run and how people were treated, so I did move. To the US. Legally. Fortunately, I had the resources (and the grades) to go through the legal process, but I do still really love living in this country. I love living in a place where people like Ro and the commenters speak up for what they believe.

    So thanks, everyone.

    I suppose part of what worries me about the Arizona law is that it feels like such a huge step back in the least racist nation in which I’ve ever lived. It’s not that the US is perfect when it comes to race, but it’s better than the UK, France, or even Bangladesh, where dark-skinned people see THEMSELVES as inferior.

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