Your three objects by the end of tomorrow

I’ve only gotten four submissions for the short story challenge I’m going to write. All I need is three objects from you. Just click that link and leave a comment. Three objects, that’s it, and a non reader will be picking a number at random. I thought I might do this once a month if there was interest.

Is there interest?


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7 Responses to Your three objects by the end of tomorrow

  1. I’m def interested, because if I don’t get picked I’m resubmitting my first three objects and a second option on another three objects 🙂

  2. Ro

    Would you like arbitration on those comments?

  3. Yes, I would..or hmm..maybe I want to avoid that and just take 2.4 million for another year?

  4. Ro

    Hmmm I don’t know. Might be able to trade for another comment that can give me 6 years for less money overall.

  5. But then you got to ask yourself, how much do you like that comment, wouldn’t you rather have more money than years? Besides if the comment thinks you are good, then it might give you more years as time goes on…and you win both ways getting more money and the years you wanted lol

  6. Ro

    Yeah but I have to look at the comment’s on blog percentage. That stat is important and glossed over. Also, will the comment be injury prone. There’s so much to look at. Which makes me think that the iriginal offer of 1 year might just be a good one.

  7. No the comment isn’t injury prone, in fact it plays while hurt. Look at percentages all day long, but thats not all that makes a comment great! What about the personality of the comment and the way it gets along with other comments? Yeah, I bet that one year is looking real great right about now huh?

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