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As I explained here, I’ll be doing a series next month for mental health awareness. I’ve been thinking about how I want to handle it, and I’ve decided I really want to steer clear of all the clinical stuff. Obviously if an idea strikes me to discuss a particular diagnosis, I might go and research it, but I really want to stay more personal for this series.

Autism awareness month has been my first attempt at something like this, and I never expected it haha! So, I feel a little more prepared for next month.

So these are the ideas I have. I really feel like the words “mental health” are not just about clinically diagnosed mental health disorders. Why do you think they call it “taking a mental health day”? Just two nights ago, a Rays baseball player was given a mental health night off. They didn’t specifically call it that, but basically he’d been having some rough games, so he was given the night off and came back refreshed. To me, mental health is whatever we do to stay healthy mentally. Simple huh? So not only do I want to shed light on serious mental health disorders like bipolar or depression, I also want to talk about what we do on a daily basis to stay healthy mentally. For example, when I need a mental health day, my favorite thing to do is listen to a book and crochet. This lets my body and mind rest and I just love those days. In fact, I haven’t taken one of those days since I’ve been home with Jayden haha!

I really want a lot of guest posts for next month. As I said before, you can post anonymously. All it will entail is leaving me a comment with what you’d like to share and I won’t publish it. I’ll copy the text and publish it into a blog post here. Actually, I know there is a word limit on comments, so you might want to comment me with your email address, I’ll write you, and you can submit your post to me via email. You can even change your name as it appears in your email if you want to stay anonymous. No email addresses will be published, and I’ll only link to you if you tell me too.

Do you have a clinical diagnosis? Are you struggling to find a diagnosis? Have you suffered from depression and found ways to overcome it? Are you struggling now, and just want to share about it and maybe get some feedback from readers? Are you on meds and do they work or do you feel icky on them? Are you in therapy? Have you been through a harrowing experience with a loved one who has a clinical diagnosis? Do you have those down days we all have, and have some good tricks for how you get out of them? Have you found good resources online to help you through your mental health issues?

Really it can be anything. Anything that affects or has affected your mental well being. I will be writing my own experiences with this on May 1 and as a lot of you know, it will be about alcoholism and depression.

You don’t have to be a writer or even have a blog. I just want real people’s voices for this series. So, start sending comments and letting me know and like I said, I won’t publish them unless you tell me. Any normal commenting will be published.

So what do you say? Want to go on this ride with me in May? Come on, you know you wanna, and you’ll probably help another who reads. 🙂

Oh and you can start sending them now and I can save them up for May. That would actually really help things go smoothly hehe! I really hope to hear from you!

Oh yeah and mental health professionals also welcome, nudge nudge wink wink you know who you are hehe!

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