Yesterday was quite awesome

That made me think of Annie. Annie: Yesterday was plain awful… Daddy Warbucks: You can say that again… Annie: Yesterday was plain awful! Together: But that’s, not now, that’s then!

Annie has nothing to do with my post…

Yesterday was just so much fun, and I hadn’t even planned on it. Miss A, because of you, I went to that potluck and had a great time!

I had my O & M lesson with Dave yesterday and that was part of the reason I wasn’t going to go to the potluck at Saavi. I wouldn’t have had time to get back and ready for a SunVan ride to Saavi in time. But On Wednesday, even before I knew about Miss A, Lisa was telling me just to catch a ride back in with Dave, and it didn’t matter if I wore a costume.

When I talked to S on Thursday to tell him about Miss A, he said he would be at the potluck and hoped I came. So I decided to go.

Normally, on my lessons, Dave wants me wearing a baseball cap. But since I had the chance to go to Saavi in normal clothes, without my hair piled on top of my head for a workout, I showered and blow dried since it was cold out. When Dave arrived, I asked if I could hitch a ride into Saavi with him. I then said “can I not wear my cap, because I don’t want hat hair to go to Saavi…” and he complied, what a guy!

We went down the hill and listened to traffic and Dave told me to stand there and tell him when cars were in the lane next to me, or far away. We’re trying to get the concept of blocker cars down, for my crossing of that outlet street. In this case the cars are coming from behind, so its a little harder to tell where they are. We crossed the street and then listened again, and they were a lot easier to hear when they were coming at me. I won’t be crossing that way, but it was a good lesson.

We started making our way back up the hill andthere were quite a few cars coming down, so it was a good lesson in practicing sweeping to my left in case I want to get off the road. We made it to the blind spot where I’ll tell a dog to “hop up” and I started hustling. Dave kept saying “faster!” lol he’s such a drill sargeant sometimes. Lesson over and we went to Saavi.

I had gotten a sympathy card for Miss A’s family, so Dave helped me sign it and then he signed it. Once S had a chance to sign it, I would give it to the receptionist to have others sign and then send to the family.

I walked in and S came running and we embraced. I knew I’d lose it when I saw him. I had him sign the card and then he had braille class. So I was all set to hang out in the lobby and wait for him and the potluck.

I used the ladies room and when I came out, S was running towards me again all out of breath. He said, “We cancelled braille to decorate, come hang out!” So we made our way back to the back module where the potluck was gonna happen.

There were only a few people in there, decorating and listening to music. I found a seat and started blowing up balloons. This was the perfect job, because you don’t need to see to do this lol. S was running around doing different things and then he came over to blow balloons, and so did 2 other guys. One of them I had met, a younger guy who I called “partial sightie” once in the lobby and he had gotten a kick out of it. We all started talking about singing and choris and sang a few tunes. The other guy was my braille teacher’s friend, visiting from out of town. He asked if I’d be going to the party tonight. What party? Christy’s party, lots of booze. I don’t drink. We can change that. I don’t think Christy can have clients at her house.

At this point Christy beckoned her friend and then came to me and said, yeah I can’t have clients over, thank you for telling him.

Well he kept hitting me with balloons and then S joined in and before I knew it, all 3 guys were hitting me with balloons and teasing me. I felt like Madonna in that one video, not the gross video, the one where she looks like Marilyn Monroe and all the guys are everywhere.

Finally everyone started showing up and we sat down to eat. They formed a kind of prosession and had us go into the kitchen 4 at a time to get food. S and the other guy who has the same name, were fighting over who was going to help me in the kitchen gettng food. This was just nuts! Of course I want to go with S, he’s like my brother! But he had to fight for the right to take me in, this was crazy!

We all got settled and ate and sang and told stories and there was a costume contest for staff and client costumes. The staff who won were dressed like Siamese twins lol. The client I voted for got second place. When I walked in, he handed me part of his costume, and I could feel that it was a large wooden rosary, so I knew he was a priest. I liked that because he didn’t have to tell me what he was.

My friend came to pick me up and the receptionisht paged me to let me know and then asked to talk someone in the module so I was yelling for them, people weretrying to get my attention, my friend arrived and all was nuts!

I was going to show her around Saavi but she wasn’t feeling well and didn’t feel like walking, so I said goodbye to everyone, hugged S, and we left. Whew!

I was suddenly drained. It takes a lot of energy to focus in on a party like that, to decipher sounds. I get a little sensory overloaded sometimes and just sit quietly until I regain some feeling in my brain.

So I suggested we go get coffee so I could wake up and decompress. So we went to coffee and she ran into a friend of hers there. Her friend was talking about her dog in a way that made me know…and I said, ‘you could be a puppy raiser”. She was intrigued. What do you mean? She went to the GDB site on her little mini and she and my friend crooned over the pictures. So my friend’s friend is very interested and is going to look into puppy raising!

My friend took me home, I walked inside and shut the door and it was so quiet. Deadly quiet. After such a full day, sometimes its quite a letdown when the fun is over. Its like, now what? So I ran to my computer lol.

I was perusing blogs and reading emails and B got home and we ate and I was getting all bummed out because there’s a party tonight but I can’t find my costume and don’t have a ride and I was feeling sorry for myself and reading blogs and then I read one that made me laugh so hard that no sound came out, tears were pouring down my face, B didn’t know if I was sobbing and I couldn’t get enough air to tell him I was laughing. Finally it came out as a squeak and he knew I wasn’t bawling my eyes out.

Of course its a Vomit Comet post and if you’re in to guide dogs or just dogs in general, especially when they write their own blog post, click here.

After I recovered from reading the post, I was exhausted, so I got ready for bed and found that ‘Air Force One’ was on tv so I settled in to watch it.

What a totally fab day!

Oh I almost forgot! When B got home from work, I held the door for him and he said, “Here, these are for you since you held open the door.” He handed me a dozen roses! I asked what they were for and he said, “For holding the door! No, I know you had a bad day yesterday.” Awww. I asked if they were red and he said yes. What a guy!


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  1. What a full day of craziness. Glad I, er, Trixie, could make you laugh. And what a guy, that B.

  2. R

    Karen, I’m reading everything labeled Trixie. Who needs books? 😉

  3. Awesomeness. I hope you enjoy. It’s too bad my Babs label was so much shorter. We just went through the whole blog a couple of months ago and labeled everything…raaaarg what a job…but I’m glad it’s done. It makes things so much easier to find.

  4. R

    I’m in April of 08 now. I was so hoping there would be a Trixie post on the 24th, because I’m a dork, and I keep trying to find blog posts written the day I went blind. Don’t ask me why lol.

    I got lucky with labeling, because a few weeks after I started the blog, I got hooked on L^2’s blog and I fnally understood how to label, so I went through and re-did mine.

    What else was I going to say. Oh yeah, I taught my computer how to say “Trixter”. I don’t remember now how Alex was pronouncing it, but it was getting really annoying lol. Gonna read about Babs when I’m done with Trixie. I am learning a lot about what to expect, from reading all this. What to expect when you’re expecting. Still need to write that blog…

  5. Hahaha damn. Wish there was an Alex-emulator so I could hear him butcher up the name Trixter.

  6. R

    Its fixed now, but I remember how he said it.

    It was like “tree icks ter”. wow that sounds exactly like he said it before I fixed it lol. Does this mean I think like a screen reader now?

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