Today Lori took Jayden and me to Michaels so I could stock up on yarn for my puppy pool winners. I’m too brain fried to link, so just click the puppy pool label for info.

The winners had told me what colors they wanted, so I told Lori what I was looking for and I think I ended up with good stuff. When we got home, she helped me separate into projects, so now I’ve got enough yarn for two blankets and a scarf.

It’s a good thing, because between the writing course and the mental health series, I’m completely brain fried. I finished the baby blanket and was fiending for more, so now I’ll be good to go. I really, really need to jump into projects to keep myself from going a little nuts with all the online stuff. I can’t even bring myself to try and do feedback for the last lesson in the writing course. I think I’m just done. Don’t be surprised if I even take a break from blogging in June.

On a side note, Jayden did great at Michael’s. We needed the GL, but after that was on his face, there were no problems. He guided me around the croded store with no problems, and then he got ice at Starbucks.

Ok, gonna go eat dinner and pass out.


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3 Responses to Yarn!

  1. Yarn shopping is always so much fun and Michaels is one of my fav stores!

  2. Oooo baby. I’m excited.

    I hope making the blanket will be fun. I know I’ll have fun when I get it.

  3. Ro

    Yarn shopping is the best, especially when shopping for another.

    Making the projects will be awesome. Just picking out the yarn from what you guys told me was fun! I’m trying to decide if I’ll blog about what I got or wait until I finish them and ship them out. Hmmmm yeah probably I’ll wait.

    I did start on the scarf for Tony’s raiser though hehehehe! The blanket yarn needs preparation for the scrump, and I just wanted to use my hook. Fun!!

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