I think I’m the last one in the blind community to get on board with RS Games. I’ve tried to participate in this gaming site pretty much since I’ve been on Twitter and saw all my friends talking about it, but I could never get it to work. When they added Yahtzee, I tried furiously with no luck. I absolutely love Yahtzee!

Today a friend was talking about it and I asked if he plays on his Mac. He does. I tried downloading again, no go. He put me in touch with the RS Games support person on Twitter and we finally fixed it. I have to turn off my screen reader to play. I kept thinking my computer was shutting down, but it was Voiceover, it looks like.

The game client has its own screen reader I think, but it also detects yours to use. I had to change my system voice back to Alex since Vicky was driving me nuts in the client. The thing is so cool! You don’t use your screen reader to use it, so once the tech guy told me that, it made total sense. I’ve checked out all the games, but Yahtzee is by far my favorite. I used to play that for hours with Mom and my friends back when I was a kid.

I think the last time I played Yahtzee was when I was a drunk playing on the touch screen at the bar. It’s been that long! Today I played three games with bots, the third with two bots and the fourth game with Carin. So far, I’m four for four!!

I figured I’d better fire off a post quickly before I get sucked back in hehehe! Sooooo happy!!!!


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  1. What the bleep? You have to turn off your screen reader? Why don’t they put that in the docs? That is friggin weird. I don’t have to shut off JAWS to play. Funky doodle doo.

    Sooooo happy you now have the RS thang working. It broke my heart when you couldn’t get it to play.

  2. Ro

    Yeah, isn’t that bizarre? All those times over the lat two years, I thought my computer froze, but it just killed VO. It would be nice if that was in the Read Me, for sure. Just glad it’s resolved now! I’ve got seven wins in Yahtzee hehe!

    So if you ever talk to anyone trying it with VO, tell them to turn it off and it’ll work like a charm.

  3. Will do. That’s just screwed in the head. Did you ask support person if they’re planning on including that in the readme?

  4. Ro

    When I was talking to him, I didn’t know if it was there and I had just missed it. I’ll bring it up next time I see him on Twitter. It might not be necessary all the time. Sometimes when VO is on, I can use RSG. And what is with RSG freezing up? I’ve had to restart it several times. Just the nature of the beast?

  5. It goes through phases of pooping the bed. It usually isn’t that bad though.

  6. I would be happy to school any and all of you in Uno sometime. Yahtzee I am pretty terrible at, but would gladly be schooled so that you all may have fun at my expense. Such a charitable sort I am.

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