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Another blogger who I’ve gotten to know all day today, turned me on to this x365 project. apparently its been around a few years, and the point is to write about someone every day, for 365 days. It has to be someone you know or knew in person and who’s name you know. Basically anyone who impacted your life in some way. She just uses initials on hers to keep some anonymity. She has hers on a new blog, separate from her other one, and I’m thinking about trying it. However I can’t for the life of me find where to create another blog. I know I’ve run acrost it but can’t remember how. Though I am tired and have been on the computer all day long, so maybe I’ll look tomorrow.

I just think it would be fun and people might come to mind who I haven’t thought about in years. If anyone reading knows how to create another blog within my blogger, I’d appreciate the knowledge =D


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  1. L^2

    Good luck with your x365 project! As I say on my blog, my advice is to make a list of as many people as you can think of before you begin the project, so you have it to refer to when you’re running low on names.

    When you log into Blogger it takes you to the “Dashboard” page. There’s a link on that page that says “create a blog” where you can add a new blog to your account. It’s not right at the top, but it is located toward the top of the page and on the right side of the page. I know that’s a bit vague, but hopefully you can find it without too much trouble.

  2. Hey R,
    I’m wondering if your screen reader skips over the top of the screen? There’s a search box,flag,share, and next blog button. If you keep going to the right of the screen, there is a create blog button.It’s right next to the sign in button which I didn’t do so I may appear anonymous. I read, write and help. *smile*
    You could ask your boyfriend to take a break with HIS addictiction to click that button for you. (kidding about the addiction thing) Aren’t we all addicted to something in some way? Whatever makes us happy! Try it R and good luck!

  3. R

    Hi ladies,

    Well thanks to your descriptions, I went back to my dashboard, which I have listened to every single link I don’t know how many times. I kept running across a heding, where it says “heading level 4” Normally headings are nothing, but I did here it say create a blog, just didn’t say link first. So I clicked it and scrolled down, and there’s a CAPTCHA. There wasn’t one when I reated this blog. At least I don’t think there was, if there was it must have been accessible, but so far blogger CAPTCHAs are not accessible. So, I’ll check it out, but if I can’t get passed the CAPTCHA, I probably won’t do it.

    Thanks for the help! At least I know to interact with headings and look for hidden links haha!

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