Writing cuz I have to

I couldn’t even officially sign up for that blog awareness month or knob lo pomo thing I know I didn’t spell it right but oh well, but I decided to do thirty posts in thirty days so I have to write something. I messed up my arm for those 5 days were all I did was sit on the computer, so it hurts if I do too much online. Its like nerve pain all along my bicep. I’ve moved my computer cart so its a little better position wise, but I need like 4 pillows to prop me up enough on the couch. I need something with really skinny feet that will slide under my couch. I went to a meeting with Kevin and then we sat on my front porch chatting and listening to music, and he actually wanted to listen to me sing, which was nice, because B just isn’t into that. I got to show off my iTunes skill and find a song Kevin likes, and he hasn’t seen me work on the computer so he was way impressed. Then he got a phone call from a friend and had to go, and I was left feeling really lonely. I freakin hate that. Just like last week on Tuesday, I had been stuck at home for days and then finally got out and it was so nice, so its the same today. Hopefully I’m done being sick, and can go out tomorrow too. Got rehearsal tonight, and we’ll find out about solos. So I’ll let you all know how that went tomorrow. Nothing else to say, in kind of a soppy mood right now.


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  1. Hey Ro,
    Just stopping in to say HEY! “Hey!” lol

    Glad you’re feeling better but now you sound like you have Carpel Tunnel, better get that checked out. *smile*

    You take care and keep writing! It’s what we writer’s do even in the midst of pain!



  2. R

    Ok. You sinced it. I like ro. I hadn’t heard it yet in a comment, and I like it. Thanks!

    Luckily the pain doesn’t appear in my wrist. Its in my right bicep. I know its a trigger point somewhere, cuz I get them quite often. Gota go see my massage therapist. I think its cuz I mostly sleep on my right side too, so I lay on that arm a lot. It had clearned up, and now its hurting again. Urgh lol. I will always keep writing; I am soo incredibly hooked on blogger tee hee!

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