Wow get the tissues ready

B’s dad sent this to him to send to me. I just watched it. Wow. Another inspirational blind guy. Wow. And the relationship with his dad, wow.

Check it out.


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  1. WOW!! Thanks for sharing, that was amazing and definintely brought tears to my eyes. Last year I worked with a wheelchair bound boy in a Jr. High school. That experience taught me so much and this boy reminded me of the kid I worked with. What an amazing story!

  2. An amazing story and and amazing family. I really loved watching the episode of Extreme home makeover when Patrick and his family got a new home. They gave Patrick his own apartment connected to the house. It included a baby grand piano and an accessible bath room. They even built a new practice field for the band that would be easier on Patrick’s wheel chair. Blindness doesn’t have to be a disability.

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