Workout clothes might possibly be worse to by than swimsuits

So I’m starting a workout program at Saavi on Monday. Like most things at Saavi, I was on a waiting list, and I got “called up” on Thursday for the exercise class. Since I am not a normal work out type person, I had nothing to wear. Here in lays the problem. I had to get something and quick, as you can’t wear jeans on the machines. Normally when I need clothes, I go with my best friend and shopping consultant. She turned me on to Kohl’s after I went blind, when I asked her to take me to get winter things for the trip to WV. I had said, “Lets go to Wal-Mart.” to which I thought she was going to have a heart attack. She convinced me that by paying a little more at Kohl’s, the clothes are higher quality and last longer. Unfortunately, since it was such short notice, we couldn’t do that. So, my boyfriend volunteered.

I have to start this off by saying, that my boyfriend did great. It can’t be fun for a man to go shopping with a woman, especially when he must be her eyes. We went to Dillard’s, because its a little easier than Kohl’s. I told him I wanted Yoga pants. Like a lot of women, I don’t like my legs above the knee and I certainly didn’t want anything tight. I had tried to order them on Amazon, but the sizing and color picker were not accessible for me. He had no idea what Yoga pants are so I was trying to describe them. He found a whole section in the workout area devoted to yoga stuff. This was going to be easier than I thought! Well, yoga pants were eighty freakin dollars. Yeah, no. So we looked at the sale rack. The only semblance of what I wanted were a pair of brown cotton pants that came to calf level. The price was right, so ok. It wouldn’t be so bad with a black top. The tops were expensive too, so I said I’d use a top I already have, but I needed a sports bra.

We found the sports bra, and he was handing me a few. I was hoping for chocolate brown to match the pants. A sales lady came and offered help, and said that one of the ones he was holding was the best. Very supportive, lets go measure you. So she measured me and I decided to buy the bra even though it was sixty bucks. I figured it was an ok expense because I’ll be working out a lot. Well, we get it home and I try it on. Its got a zipper in the front, and it fits really tight…

Ladies, you know when you’re putting on jeans that are too tight, and you have to lay down to zip the zipper? Well, imagine trying to clasp a zipper around your cachangas…I had a hard enough time even getting the zipper clasped, and then the pulley is so small, it was killing my hand trying to pull up the zipper…I struggled for a bit and then gave up. Now my shoulders and arms ache. Actually, from writing this and thinking about the jeans and laying down to zip them, I wonder if that would work…I might try it.

Anyway, whats the point to this? No point. Just thought I’d voice a little anecdote about my not so lovely shopping experience. Kohl’s here I come!

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