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Yesterday I was really curious about how it looked outside with all the rain. Georgie had told me the mountains were covered in snow. So I asked on FB for descriptions of what people saw. I only got 3 comments, but I thought they were pretty good. I think this is something I’m going to ask for on FB more often.

Below are the comments I got, exactly how they were left:

THe sky is a blue crystal if you look straight up, but thick cotton candy clouds are whizzing through quickly. Most of the darker forbading clouds are hurrying by to the north, obstructing the view of the Catalinas, but also making them seem higher and more mysterious.

This morning it was so dark but the clouds were so low it was like they were whipped cream plopped on top of the mountains….

We drove to phoenix today, and the dry desert that usually surrounds the freeway was filled with water. It was like a pure silver desert with the cactus and shrubbery poking up through the water, creating beautiful reflections. Several mobile home parks where filled with water up to the stairways. As we drove along I could only imagine what last night was like for them. For us it was a beautiful drive.

My friends have good imaginations, huh? I really liked these. I wish I had gotten more comments. Today B said there is snow halfway down the mountains. He also drove to a nearby town to get a closer look. I can only imagine how beautiful it all looks. There is nothing like the desert after a good cleansing rain. All the browns and greens are so vivid against the clear blue sky. There is also nothing like an Arizona sunset. Maybe I’ll start asking for sunset descriptions. Especially this summer. The sunsets are like our reward after a blazing hot day, especially after a quick visit from a booming and fierce monsoon.


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  1. Great descriptions…yes, your friends are observant & talented communicators! As a kid, I enjoyed the “Little House on the Prairie” books, and I remember thinking that some of the most interesting passages were where Laura would describe things for her sister Mary, who’d lost her vision due to scarlet fever. Perhaps putting her observations into words in this way helped shape her as an author!

  2. This is what the senses lesson was all about in my F2k class. To describe things without the use of the sense. like taste,touch,smell,sight, sound. Awesome descriptions filter out. It never ceases to amaze me the way snow or clouds rain or sunsets are described. Nice one Ro!

    Then B comes in and says ‘snow halfway down the mountains’? We need to work on his descriptions. hahaha.
    Maybe they looked like wax melting down the side of a candle and little droplets clung to the bare spots?

    Is today Sunday already? hahaha! You know I was kidding with ya! 🙂
    ((((bighugsfor Ro))))

    jnoi 🙂

  3. Ro

    Ooooh neat I might have to look into those books!

    JayNoi, actually, your lesson is what inspired my idea. I wanted to see how descriptive people would get. I was pleasantly surprised 🙂

    B is your typical bloke. I remember when I first went blind, he described a man wearing a really obnoxious hawaiin shirt and he said he’d need to be more observant to describe things to me. Yeah that lasted ten seconds lol. Even watching movies with him, he’ll describe things for ten minutes and then forget and I have to ask what’s happening lol. Yep, snow halfway down the mountain.

    Here’s how I would describe it, from the memories I have of how it used to look.

    The slate gray of the mountains is only visible on the lower parts, closest to the city. The tops of the mountains are bright white, almost blinding. The contrast of the white against the crystal clear blue sky forms a solid jagged line trying to cut a slit in the sky. Specs of color just visible through the snow as trees or rock peek through, like black pepper on mashed potatoes.

  4. That is cool – love when people are able to describe as your friends did. Yes, still working on Steve in that category!

  5. Awesome description! You see, everyone has it in them to use visual imagery! You could give B a lesson or two (okay maybe three and four) but you get the picture! lol

    I’m so glad you have that visual of the mountains topped with snow! 🙂

    Nice one Ro!


  6. Ro

    Becky, the best is when I ask B if “this is pink” or “if this is gray”. He’s like um….ok simple question, pink? Gray? Haha!!

    I got another word picture comment. I’m gonna store them until I have a few and then post them. I hope people continue giving me pictures. I told them I really miss the moon. The one who left the comment today was the one who had the description of the desert being covered in water. She’s a photographer so I imagine it’s a little harder for her to describe with words. But so far she’s stepped up to the challenge swimingly hehe!

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