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I’ve been saving all the descriptions people have sent me on FB when I’ve asked for stuff. I’m going to repeat the 3 from the first word pictures post, because I want to get the format I want to use down. I am posting them just as my friends did, though I edited out names. I had asked for descrptions of the rain, and then of whatever people wanted, and then the moon. So, here we go!


1/23/10 L.M. – Today there was snow on the Catalina’s. The cloud cover lifted and there was this think line of show across the mountains. Latter this evening was the most magnificent. For just a few moments, as the sunset, the snow covered mountains gleamed orange then pink with the low handing clouds reflecting the same color. It only lasted for seconds.

1/24/10 T.A. – Ok. I see {my son} taking a nap. He’s laying on my bed with a perimeter of pillows around the bed. He takes hold of the pink snuggie {my husband} bought me for christmas and pulls it up around him. He curls his arm around his small winnie the pooh bear and snuggles with it. His little eyes get heavier and heavier with sleep though he will open them wide every once in a while as if to say, I’m really not sleepy, and then they drift closed again. His breathing evens out and his little chest rises and falls and I know he is now asleep. How was that? 🙂

1/28/10 N.F. – It’s a close-up of my Bowl of Creamy Tomato and Basil soup, I added some goldfish to it and my spoon is in the process of getting some lol. There is about 4 in my spoon. All of them are covered in the thick read soup and there are little green flecks (the basil) throughout it. The caption I had added that day was “Finally got some lunch… it’s a goldfish bloodbath!! Sorry if its too gruesome for you ;)”

1/29/10 M.J. – i went out at 6:30pm and it was a tad cold. when i went out into the yard, the moon was low in the sky. as big as a basketball. had a light sepia tone to it to make it glow special. there was a thin cloud in the shape of are large oval, like a cantaloupe over the moon. like a guaze sheet on top on top of a light bulb. the moon was brightly vivid thru the cloud. the cloud was darker in the middle with bright edges from moon light. to the left about 3 feet, a distance just enough out of the moonlight and into blackness a bright star shone. 15 minutes later the moon was much higher in the sky and all the drama seemed to have been sucked out in pieces somehow. it was a good one tonight.

1/29/10 N.F. – Mars is bright tonight. Haha, no really. I ran outside to go look at it.. by the way its freezing over here. I was going to take a picture that way I would have more time to analyze my scene but yeah, that just wasn’t working out lol. Anyways, the moon is a bit bigger than normal, from where I’m standing it was almost the size of a dime.. ok maybe a small button. It’s a completely cloudless sky over here so it was very bright, I had to wait a second for my eyes to adjust so I could see the grey splotches and stuff on it. Mars is actually pretty bright too, I can see it about an inch and a half away from the moon at about 10:00. It’s a lot smaller though. I can’t really see too many stars around it, maybe it’s because the lightbulb inside the moon was just replaced with one of those fancy energy efficient ones or it could just be all the stupid lights here in san antonio… Very pretty though 🙂

1/29/10 C.C – I took a twenty-five mile drive from Eaton to Fort Collins tonight. The sky was clear, in that way that only a winter sky can be clear. I don’t know why, but images seem sharper in the cold. Anyhow, I was on a very dark and desolate country road, wondering if I’d somehow missed the entire town of Fort Collins. Not two seconds later, I cleared the top of a hill and the golden orange lights of the town were sprawled out before me, like an electric coral reef. The moon was so high and luminous in the sky that I could make out the deep purple shade of the mountains behind the town. The mountain range dwarfed the city lights, glowing like fireflies against the gigantic rolling peaks. At that moment exactly, I remember thinking, “Hmmm, this is pretty okay with me.” Oh, just a bit more: We had a frost this morning that covered the bare trees in snow, making them look as if they were wearing white sequined gowns to nature’s winter ball! 🙂


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  1. Thanks for sharing these – they were fun to read.

    I must say, I laughed at “Mars is Bright Tonight.”

  2. Ro

    Hehe that was actually a fellow blogger and Harry fan. It was her fiance’s idea to post that hehe! I liked it too 🙂

  3. Wonderful descriptions for non-writers, I’m assuming? I could teach them a lesson on showing not telling if they’d like. 😉

    I was wrapped in the warmth of their words. They cradled me as a crocheted blanket. The color was alive like a rainbow expelling all kinds of images in my mind. I felt alive as a fish fresh out of water, breathless. I was swept away as if a warm breeze pushed me along to the next word.
    Amazing beauty!

    Thanks for sharing Ro. 🙂

    jnoi 😉

  4. Ro

    Nope, none of them are writers. A few are quite artistic, though. One is a glass blower, one is a photographer, one is just really really artsy and does stained glass and crochet. I’m not sure about the others’ artistic pursuits, but I know it definitely plays a part for most of them.

  5. Well, you tell them that this writer thinks they done darned good! 🙂

    Nice post too by the way!


  6. Ro

    Thanks! I’ll post on FB tomorrow asking for more word pictures and I’ll say the last ones got great reviews 😉

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