Wii therapy for autism

This is pretty cool! Thanks again Sadia, for pointing me that way.

This mom’s child really took to bowling, but was having a hard time with all the clapping and noise at the bowling alley. So his parents bought a Wii so the child could play at home, and before they knew it, they were getting notes from teachers saying their son was clapping appropriately at movies and handling sportsmanship better. So, the mom’s consensus is that the Wii is not only fun for her son, but it’s teaching him stuff too! Pretty cool!

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  1. I do ABA therapy with a little boy who has autism. The wii is his highest enforcer. He is being potty trained by only getting to play wii when he goes potty. It helps him to learn to take turns. Who would have thought that they could have so much fun learning how to be social!

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