Who’da thunk a trick from the old drunk days would come in handy in sobriety?

When I was an active alcoholic, there was about six months or so when I stayed in hotels a lot. No, I was not a hooker haha. I lived in a house with a bunch of people and the guy I was dating lived with his mom, so if we wanted privacy, we stayed in hotels. I was a waitress at the time so I always had cash in my pockets, making it too convenient to pay for a room every day.

If you’ve stayed in a lot of hotels or even just one once or twice a year, I’m sure you’ve noticed that the water pressure in the showers is sorely lacking. To me there’s nothing worse than a light drizzle in the shower. I want a downpour.

On Monday my apartments had all new toilets and shower heads installed to help with the conservation of water. I tried the shower head and could tell I wasn’t going to like it. B showered the next day and reported that yes, the water pressure sucks. I put off bathing since these days I try to only bathe once or twice a week. Bathing exhausts me and standing in the shower with vertigo? No fun. I’ve been taking baths but my body temp was getting too high so there was just no winning. Today I braved a shower since B was home.

Now what I don’t understand about these water conserving shower heads is this: if it takes you twice as long to rinse your hair, are you not using the same amount of water?

I was afraid of this since it’s hard enough to keep my arms above my head and now it would take twice as long. My hair is long right now since it’s just easier to maintain when long so my arms were aching just thinking about rinsing shampoo out of my hair twice and then rinsing the conditioner. I wrote “long” too many times and I’m not going to fix it. Bwah ha ha!

Luckily the old hotel living experiences came rushing back and I thought to try and twist the shower head. Could it possibly have a massage setting? Bingo! Using the massage setting condenses the stream of water into a much narrower set of jets thus increasing the water pressure and aiding with the rinsing process.

I thought about using it to actually massage my sore shoulder but let’s not get too excited. We are conserving water after all and it would take a lot more to actually massage my sore shoulder. Often ideas come to me in the shower but I think this is the first time I’ve had an idea to write about the shower in the shower.

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