Whoa, Blogger put the old look back, but for how long?

I’m really grateful I can post this. Last week, I got an email with a comment in it but the links to approve weren’t in the email message. It was then that I discovered Blogger had made the forced switch on me, and I could not write a post.

I freaked out on Twitter about it, complaining to the Blogger account and I somehow managed to send feedback about the new look, about how it was blatantly ignoring accessibility.

I tried to post here by email but it didn’t work, even though I have email posting set up.

A couple days ago, I got another comment, and this time the approve link was there in the email. So this morning I took a chance and checked, and the old look is back. However, it is still telling me at the top of the page that Blogger will be getting a new look in April, so I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to post anymore on this blog. My hope, and it’s probably just positive thinking that will disappoint me, is that Blogger got so many complaints that they’re working on it some more and that’s why I have the old look.

I guess time will tell. I have an update to my book list I’ll post today too.


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  1. L^2

    Interesting… I also got emails with no links to approve the comments in them, but my account was not switched. Hopefully all our complaining did some good.

    (sorry if you got this twice, the comment form did something weird.)

  2. Ro

    Unfortunately the approve link had disappeared again in the email notification of your comment, but since Blogger has given me the old look back temporarily, I was able to approve it. What on earth are they doing? I feel so jerked around.

  3. they’ve been breaking all kinds of stuff lately. the front page of the Comet is all jacked up and has been for weeks. We did nothing to cause that and to make it even more fun, it’s not happening to everybody and it’s only the main page, not individual post pages. This new interface is going to be a friggin disaster when it finally drops for good.

  4. Ro

    I almost couldn’t publish your comment. A checkbox was actually hidden within a link. I’ve never seen that before. What on earth? Wow. This train wreck is actually kinda fun to watch when I’m in a really bad mood like I am now.

  5. Cool! I’ve got the old one to!!!!!!!”!

  6. Hope this old interface remains for a while.

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