Who stole the cookie

Every time I watch Investigation Discovery, I endure this horrible commercial. Thank you Erik for finding it. We were chatting about commercials and I tried to describe this one and it wasn’t making sense so he went and found it.

If the commercial isn’t annoying enough, the product itself is. Who really thinks they can lose weight by eating cookies? Or maybe I should ask, who thinks they can lose weight in a *healthy* way by eating cookies? Snake oil also cures the flu. And I’ve got some ocean front property for sale.


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3 Responses to Who stole the cookie

  1. Ug! God that first woman sounds like she’s half dead.

  2. Ro

    That’s because she sold all her possessions to move to LA to become an actress. After auditioning for plenty of roles and finally getting cast in a B movie, her career died before it ever took off, so she gained some weight and did the caffeine and nicotine diet for awhile before getting gastric bypass, then she landed the role in this commercial, the whole time wishing she hadn’t slept with the director of the B movie when she could have gone to college.

    Wow I’m feeling bitchy, snarky and judgemental. Aunt Flo…is that you??

  3. I was going to say that she probably sounds half dead because she’s skipping her meals to eat cookies, but your explanation is better.

    And wow, you even get free UPS delivery! Man, miracles never end! Just one thing though. Instead of free delivery, wouldn’t it make more sense to get a head start on the weight loss by walking/jogging/rolling/tumbling your ass to the post office to get them yourself? Just sayin’.

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