Where’ve I been?

I’ve neglected the Roof! Oh no, haha. Oh man I’ve been busy. It was quite the learning curve, getting used to writing on a WordPress blog when I’m so used to Blogger, but everything got smoothed out and I’m feeling much more comfortable with it. If you’re curious about my new baseball writing, check out {link removed} There’s a post about Evan Longoria that I wrote and then felt bad. You all know how much I love him, but I got pretty harsh. The last two games, he’s looked a lot better. Keep proving me wrong, Evan!

I was really struggling with apprehension about my ability to cover sports, but the blog brought me on board based on my writing about the Rays here, so I’ve just tried to bring in my style while tailoring it a bit. Fore example, I don’t do the haha and hehe and smily faces there haha!

It’s hard to express tone without that stuff, I’ve noticed. It’s been a ton of fun. Right now the lead writer is busy with non blog stuff so I was asked to do the game recaps this weekend. I’ve done a little more than recaps, since some interesting things happened and I couldn’t let them go uncovered.

So, that’s been eating up much of my computer time, sifting through Twitter and writing and taking notes. I’m thinking I can’t really write much about the Rays here anymore. Conflict of interest? You’ll just have to check out the other blog if you’re curious. 😉

Everything else is going fairly well. The weather has been up and down like crazy, and so goes my physical health. I had a really bad week last week it was I think. There were times when I was sitting on the couch but felt like I was on a boat suddenly. That is not a fun feeling. I also felt like I had a few mini mental blackouts. I’d suddenly be aware of where I was sitting. Just bizarre. The brain fog was horrible! Knock on wood, things have calmed down. I think it was a combination of the crazy weather and the new writing venture, as well as a sixteen inning ball game that started it.

Jayden is doing great, but this isn’t a Diaries post, so I’ll devote a post just to him, possibly today. Once the game starts, it’s all baseball.

I’ve neglected a bunch of emails too, while learning the new site. A lot of things got pushed to the side a bit, so I’m playing a bit of catch up now. Ketchup. Haha, Pulp Fiction reference…brain all over the place. 😉

I think that’s about it with me, actually. I’ll see if my arms will allow another post, with all the writing I’ve been doing they’re quite sore!

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