When Your Food Order Is Wrong

Last night I put an idea out on Twitter for my NaBloPoMo posts. I asked if anyone had anything they’d like me to write about. Apparently no one did because the only response I got was my friend Ricardo tweeting something like, why don’t you write about when your food gets delivered and the order is wrong. He was very frustrated because they put bacon on his burger. If he didn’t live in New York and if my jaw wasn’t killing me, I’d have eaten it. I love bacon!

So, since I don’t want to continue writing about my dental woes, I thought we’d discuss when you get the wrong food. It happens to everyone and it’s terribly annoying. In fact it also happened to me last night but I didn’t have a stranger to blame, I had B.

Where Ricardo called the delivery place to get a new order because he couldn’t just pick off the bacon since the whole burger tasted like bacon grease, *stomach rumble* I didn’t make B go back down to Culvers and get me the mushroom swiss burger I ordered. I instead ate some of this thing on Rye he brought home. He realized he had said the wrong thing to them. How he ordered a Wisconsin something instead of a mushroom swiss burger I’ll never know. I cut him slack though because he had been in Phoenix all day for a seminar. I also didn’t mention to him that the crust on the rye bread was too hard to eat with my sore mouth. Shhh, don’t tell him.

Ok I should really look up whatever Wisconsin thing he brought home because all that was on it was a burger patty and grilled onions on Rye. There was no cheese. Now when you hear Wisconsin, what is the first thing you think of? I think of dairy and CHEESE! Ok, going to look it up now. Culvers has a nice accessible website.

Now I am a bit stumped. B had to have brought home the Wisconsin Swiss Melt because that’s the only thing that is even remotely close to what I ate. There was no cheese on it though so Culvers had to have given B someone else’s order. At least I wasn’t wrong in thinking cheese when I heard Wisconsin. It also explains how on earth he ordered a Wisconsin thing instead of a mushroom swiss burger. He didn’t, he just thought he must have. Seriously though, a sandwich thing on rye isn’t even round! All it would have taken was a glance in the bag. Though he did set the thing down in front of me and didn’t notice the non round shape. I knew the second I touched it. Maybe it’s a blind thing. No, it’s an observant thing. I swear I’m not doing a boyfriend bitch fest haha! It’s just an other people not doing it the way I would bitch fest.

This brings me to another thought. Why don’t men check food orders before they leave a place? Ok perhaps it’s not fair to say all men so I’ll rephrase. Why does B refuse to check a food order before he leaves a place? I used to never leave a place without checking the order. I don’t know where that habit came from, if I got the wrong thing once or if I just learned it from my mom. I can distinctly remember Mom pulling forward at a drive through and checking the order before leaving.

I’ve asked B to check orders after I’ve gotten the wrong thing and it’s like he thinks he’ll be offending the staff if he dares to check their work. Drives me up the wall! Last night could have been avoided and I could have had the mushroom swiss burger I wanted so badly after not eating much solid food for the last couple days. At least I got my onion rings and not fries. I could have sent him back for the proper burger. I guess love means not making him leave again haha!

Does anyone else have anything they’d like me to write about? Obviously the sky is the limit since I took Ricardo’s frustration seriously and wrote a post about it.


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3 Responses to When Your Food Order Is Wrong

  1. Hahah maybe you could write a post around that menu item I saw where it looked like they were serving up vegetarians to eat in a sauce. I’m weird.

    Hope you feel better soon.
    Carin recently posted..He’d Have Fought The Charges, But He Ran Out Of Things To Leave In The Places Where The Money Would Come FromMy Profile

  2. Leye-Shprintse Öberg


    You can write about…
    …your passions for books; have your reading habits changed since you became blind, how and why?
    …how has blogging changed your life, positively and negatively?
    …why you enjoy and think Twitter is good?
    …what do you miss about seeing?
    …what do you think is positive with becoming blind?
    …your relationships with the beauty and fashion market?
    …what do you think about foreigners stereotypes about you Americans?

    Just some ideas… I hope B will bring home the right food next time, I would be very disappointed in your situation!!! 🙁

    Leye-Shprintse <3

  3. I think you’re in the minority here, at least if my experience is anything to go by. I can’t remember a time when anyone, be they man, woman or child has ever checked a food order before driving off. It basically goes place order, drive up to window, take bags from clerk, set them down or hand them to somebody who can, pay, leave, drive a bit down the street, check bag, curse. Your way makes much more sense, of course. No idea why next to nobody does it.
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