When did I get so old?

I mean I know how I got to be as old as thirty-four almost thirty-five but when did my body get so old? It’s astounding to me because for the most part, I’ve taken really good care of my body. There was the five years I drank alcoholically, yes and I smoked for a decade but I’ve known of people who drink and smoke until they’re in their eighties and they aren’t as physically old as I am.

You wouldn’t know it to look at me, I don’t think. Obviously I can’t be sure since I’ll always look twenty-nine to myself but if you could somehow feel what it’s like to be in my body for ten minutes, you’d feel my physical age.

I’ve steadily felt like my body was aging ever since the MS diagnosis in 2006 but then I paid extra attention to the rest of my health, taking up exercise, seeing my doctor at least once a year which I had always done anyway, taking care of my hair and skin so even though I had this stupid disease, I really only noticed fatigue, not all this body pain.

This thing with my teeth has really just called attention to the fact that my body has gotten old. My knees were just killing me yesterday out of no where and I told B that once my teeth are done, it will be time to tackle my knees. It rained last night so that explained the sudden knee pain at least and today they’re fine again, but I woke up in the night gasping in pain since my right knee had been bent too long.

I recently looked up that old Baz Luhrmann speech that was turned into a song, remember that? Here it is on youtube. It was a graduation speech to the class of ’99 and it was very popular when I was in college. I remember a print version of it was pasted to the bathroom door in the ladies room I used in the dorm of this guy I got drunk with. That’s another blog post. Anyway, listening to it recently I had to chuckle when he mentions something about taking care of your knees because you’ll miss them when they’re gone.

I remember Gamma telling me I ruined my knees as a kid when I grabbed the braces under her table and slid on the tile floor on my knees. I’m not sure how true that is but I’m guessing carport basketball played a part in my knees going bad, and freaking genetics. Gamma herself has bad knees. Oh probably since most of my jobs involved lots of walking and standing, too. I was never all that sedentary until the last few years. So my knees took a lot of abuse in the past.

Wow this post went in a direction I wasn’t planning. I just wanted to write about suddenly getting old when I’m not even thirty-five. today I discussed with B the teeth extractions I need. Not only do I need three wisdom teeth pulled, my lower bottom teeth need to be pulled as well and I need a bridge.

A bridge At thirty-five. I’ll be thirty-five when I get the bridge since I’ll need to wait for my insurance credits to reset in January. The hygienist said something about how I probably don’t want to walk around toothless while I’m waiting for the insurance and I laughed.

Actually the dilemma I was feeling was B’s company holiday party in the beginning of December. The hygienist and I discussed having the wisdom teeth out this month and doing the lower front teeth after the party. She said that would work too because it would put me closer to the bridge.

The more I thought about it today though, it just makes more sense to do it all at the same time, deal with all the pain at once and get it over with. Not to mention the perfect timing of B’s usual November vacation time. It’s perfect because he can take me and he’ll be home for the recovery. If I wait until after the holiday party for the other two extractions, it won’t be nearly as convenient and I’ll have to go through the pain again.

So, it just makes more sense to have five teeth pulled mid November. Five teeth pulled. Before I’m thirty-five years old. See what I mean about wondering how I got so old? I’ve taken decent care of my teeth too, despite not seeing a dental professional regularly. I brush twice a day. If only I had known about the importance of daily flossing. If only.

Speaking of daily flossing, I haven’t done that today yet. Better post this and go floss.

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