What the huh? This turned ut long

I have no idea what I’m going to write. I’m not even giving this a title yet, so that will be a mystery revealed to me when I’m done writing. I’m in a weird space today. I just commented on a blog yesterday, someone second guessing themselves, and I wrrote the painting story which I love and can normally apply. The gist is if you stand too close to a painting, you can’t see the whole thing until you back away. Normally I can apply that to my life and situations. But not right now. I have to remember that I’m in the moment, and more will be revealed. Its so easy to make sense of it when its someone else’s life.

After the whole pack rat car thing yesterday, I started feeling like maybe I’d been taken. The whole thing just seemed really odd. Yeah, the girl got lost looking for a friend’s and happened to see my car sitting there, looking abandoned. Thing is, I’m not on the beaten path. Even my Sunvan drivers have a hard time finding my place, and I had another passenger once say she never even knew this complex was here. So that got my doubts going. Then, just the way the whole thing went down. I really thought after the pack rats that they wouldn’t want the car. But it became clear that they came here with the intention of leaving with that car, paying for it or not.

Last night B went out and made sure the car was locked and the alarm was set. I’ve never seen him paranoid about his car. He said he just kinda felt like he couldn’t trust those people, like it felt like a con. I hadn’t voiced my feelings about it until he did. I said, but you saw the damage right? He assured me that he didn’t think they conned us out of the car, he saw the damage, we never would have gotten anything for it. But we both just had this shady feeling. Especially after I tried calling the girl just after they left, to make sure the guy was ok, since he backed the car out of the drive and I was worried about the brake lines. She didn’t answer, and never called back, after telling me she’d keep in touch. I had visions of hearing from her about the progress of the car, kinda like a puppy raiser hopes to hear from the dog’s person lol. But I have a feeling I’m never gonna hear from her again.

I’m pretty sure if they were shady, all they wanted was the car. And it worked out well for me because I don’t have to worry about it anymore. And I think they’ll get it running again. I’m glad I took the plate off. I’m wishing though that I had made them sign the title in front of Brian. I had it notorized months ago, so it was an open title. And when I mentioned doing a sold notice, dude was like, oh you don’t have to do that since you donated it. I’m calling DMV tomorrow just to tell them what’s up. I don’t want to be liable for that car. I tried doing a reverse look-up on the phone number, but you’re gotta pay to get details. At least I have the phone number. I can give that to DMV. But, if its pre paid, it will have no info.

I even started thinking, well, the newest finger prints will be dude’s if a crime is commited with the car. I watch to damn many crime shows.

So I’m just feeling a little neurotic about that at the moment. I kept thinking, did I mention the car on the blog? Did some reader who’s never participated here come after my car? I don’t think I ever mentioned it. My paranoia definitely gets the better of me.

On to other just random stuff. Yesterday I think Blogger was high. There were no new posts for hours, and then all of the sudden there were about eight new posts. Carin must be super woman, because she posted two blogs at exactly the same time. This morning there is only one new post, so I’m wondering if the same thing will happen.

My friend L had a Thanksgiving party last night and she posted on FB that collectibles got smashed and she won’t be having another party for awhile. I’m righteously angry for her. I will get the scoop on tuesday.

FB is really aggravating me. Someone did this group invitation so I go look at the group and it says something like, totally pointless, but if you add all your friends, you can then change the color scheme and get extra points in games. A total hack. And I’ve rejected it a million times and the notification won’t go away. Its incredibly annoying. And for some reason, I don’t get a bunch of my friend’s updates. I’m thinking about walking away, but someone told me I can’t.
I love medical shows. After yesterday there was no way in hell I was gonna put on my usual Investigation Discovery, so I checked Discovery health and caught a Mystery Diagnosis I hadn’t seen before. And I diagnosed her! I was so incredibly proud of myself. Whenever I diagnose these people on these shows before the conclusion, I’m so happy. I had the advantage on this one though. Patient presented with numbness and tingling in her foot and extreme fatigue. I of course immediately thought of MS and so did the docs. They put her on IV steroids and called it MS even though the spinal tap was inconclusive, and her MRI showed a lesion on the spinal column but not the brain. My first clue. Could it be Devick’s? But, ascending paralysis followed, so I thought Geeyon Bahret Syndrom which I can’t spell, but that doesn’t usually cause lesions. So I went back to Devick’s. And sure enough, thats what it was. But see I’ve got the advantage there, because they thought I had Devick’s when I went blind, but I tested negative for it, and didn’t have the spinal lesion. The other night I diagnosed a Dr. G too, but again, had close knowledge of the disease in question. I just love it. I’m not a doctor, but I play one on my blog.

I found an amazing blog yesterday. Is it mean that I’m not ready to share her? I just feel like I found a diamond in the rough. First I found her family blog and in it was a link to her personal blog, where she feels more free to write about her feelings and just whatever randomness plagues her. Those kind of posts are my favorite, and she’s a great writer. And I’m just not ready to share her. She’s mine haha! I did share her with Carol, but that’s as far as I’ll go. I’m mean. I’m sorry. But for now I feel like that blog is all mine to read, that only I am reading, that she’s sharing this stuf with just me.

I had a horrible dream last night that we took Spinelli away, because she was in heat and we couldn’t do anything for her. I woke up in a panic until she jumped on the bed. Horrible, horrible dream. Ok, I don’t want to remember dreams if they’re gonna be like that. I know I said the other day I was glad I remembered that dream, but I don’t want to remember any if there’s gonna be ones like that. I love that cat.

Its raining today. Apparently it hailed because a friend on FB said she drove through a hail storm at 2am.

2am haha! Oh I remember those days. She calls me granny because I go lay down at 8. Just wait, it’ll hit her too. She won’t want to be out at 2am in a few years.

I’m considering getting my hair professionally done for B’s Christmas party. Georgie is gonna take me out to find a fancy dress, and I’m really thinking about going to a salon to get my hair done. I used to be able to do really cute up do’s but not anymore. It looks great just long and straight, but I think it would be fun to treat myself and get it done. Not sure though. That’s expensive…

Oh last night I was talking to Carol filling her in on the car thing and she was like, you didn’t shower after all the pack rat stuff? And it made me totally paranoid and I had to shower. I also balled up the sweatshirt I was wearing and stuck it in the hamper. Its my around the house sweatshirt, so I had to dig out another one. those medical shows I talked about? Well there was one where this guy almost died because of exposure to pack rats. Maybe I need to stop watching tv all together. And go back to just reading Harry Potter. I internalize too much.

I even fantasized that Harry Potter is real. That J.K Rowling is a witch and she wrote the stories from truth and we’re just mere muggles so she knew we’d never know it was truth.

I wonder if its cold out. I’m going to Gamma’s today. It’ll be nice to be out in rain. It hardly ever rains here. I missed the rain smell. You have to catch the smell as the rain first starts falling. After its been raining awhile, its not the same.

Its good to just write about whatever again. I think its been a little while since I’ve done this. Kudos to you if you’ve made it this far haha.

These posts are hard to label. Why does blogger put a limit on labels? I mean, this post is gonna have a lot of labels. But blogger will squack. It’ll say ah overload too many characters too many characters! Why? come on, I can write as long a blog as I want, but you’re gonna limit my labels? How does that make sense?

Miss Function is bringing some of us together over on Vomit Comet. Ah hell I don’t feel like linking. I link them all the time, so you can find them if you want. Anyway though, we’ve got this huge comment thread going on the post about Miss Function and its really cool because we’re all just talking randomness to see how many comments we can get to before the thread dies.
Haha I just threw a title on this monster and I had a typo I have to leave in. Instead of typing “out” I typed “ut” and it sounds like a Canadian saying out haha! Carin, do you say out like ut? How does Jaws handle that? It sounds just like oot. Oot and aboot. 😉

I know you have made it this far, because you’re me and I would make it this far in a post like this. Watch you prove me wrong and you didn’t read my oot and aboot.

Ding ding ding goes the email. Something really horrible happened to a woman’s daughter on the email list. Stupid yip yip dog attacked her daughter. I want to strangle that dog. seems like bad stuff everywhere. Or maybe thats what I’m focused on, so thats what I’m gonna see. Which one wins? The one you feed.

Holy cow cats going bonkers again. I swear they sound like freakin horses galloping in the house. Hey maybe thats why there was a horse in my dream the other night. Maybe the cats were going bonkers at 3am and so I thought of horses.

Oh, have I mentioned Pop Secret Homestyle microwave popcorn? Carol told me try it. Try it at your own risk. I ate 2 bags yesterday. See what happens when I stuff myself on Thanksgiving my stomach expands and then I want to keep eating like that. Good thing I’m working out.

timmy is absolutely howling. Hahaha oh i wish you could hear this. Its like he’s saying leave me the hell alone, please! Please? Oh please?? Aahhh please please aaah! Poor Timmy.

Now he’s trying to get into a kitchen cabinet. He’s too big to hide anywhere to get away from Spinelli.

I think I’m wrapping up. Just writing about nothing has kinda gotten me out of the mindframe I was in. That’s always a good thing. I’m really trying to watch the apostrophe when I write that’s. I rarely use an apostrophe when I write its. I can never remember when you’re supposed to use it for its. Is it all the time, hmmm. Its like it is. So its a contraction. So I should use it. And sometimes it has ownership, so I should use it. Is it ever appropriate not to use an apostrophe in its? It’s. Hmmm. JayNoi? I kinda don’t think you’ve lasted this long. You always say something like, wow long post girl. 😉

I said I was wrapping up. did I lie? I need more coffee.

Holy crap I just realized its almost December 1st. That means its almost Alex’s birthday. I got him in early December last year, wow! Maybe I should get him an upgrade. But I’m paranoid about upgrading to Snow. I mean, just look at what happened with Vista. I know, 2 totally different operating systems, but someone told me they’re reading reviews of Snow and people are saying its Apple’s Vista. So I’m scared of it. Its seriously cheap to upgrade a Mac but I’m scared. Maybe I’ll just give him a good grooming.

K I think I’ve beaten this post with a stick. I should really go and edit now. though I wouldn’t be surprised if more ideas strike me while I’m editing.

Well, edited and have no more ideas, so I guess I’m done done done.


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17 Responses to What the huh? This turned ut long

  1. Dude that was hilarious. And yup I did read the whole thing. Hmmm. JAWS read ut like nut. No oot and aboot for you. Hahaha. I’ve been caught saying eh, but I don’t think anyone’s thought I said aboot.

    I have oodles of thoughts but I can’t get ’em out. They’re stuck in Trixie’s toothpaste tube.

    Even if you mentioned your car on your blog, which I don’t think you ever did, I think I’ve read practically everything you have up here, you never said where you lived, so they couldn’t even put the two together. But follow your gut, do whatever you have to do to settle it.

    Yeah I feel for that poor little girl. I can’t imagine getting chomped by a dog. I think a dog chased my sister, but I’ve never had the horror of one coming after me, and I pray I never do.

    Hey, in the dream, why didn’t you just break out the q-tip? Hahahaha.

    It’s funny, I had the same thought as you about the horse/cat thing. The cats sounded like horses, that’s why your guide was a horse.

    Yeah its and it’s are a brain screw. i t s is the possessive, but i t apostrophe s is the contraction for it is. I always have to check my it’ses and itses whenever I write ’em.

    Glad you guys are having fun with the function thread. It’s gonna be an epic, baby!

    Squeeze squeeze squeeze. I think that was all my piles of thoughts. Wasn’t much of a pile. Blogger, don’t make me split it!

  2. Oh yeah and I sure wasn’t superwoman, posting at the same time. Blogger is on crack.

  3. Ro

    Oh I’m so glad Alex says ut like oot because it just wouldn’t have been funny.

    I think you cleared up the its thing. So, it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and the dog chased its tail. Right? Strange, because with names and what not, its got the apostrophe for possetion ack why can’t I spell that??? I’m over thinking grammar. My senior honors english teacher would be proud hehe.

    Oh man I’m so glad I didn’t dream about using the q-tip on Spinelli. That just would have been wrong.

    I heard from brailler man again, and we confirmed the price. So when it comes time, we’ll set up how to do this. He’s holding it for me! You rock! Get ready to start writing letters!

    Trixie’s toothpaste tube is reminding me of how I have to squeeze every last drop out of my tubes. I’ve heard this commercial for some kind of toothepaste dispenser thing that attaches to the counter and is never messy and will get out every drop. If I hear it again, I’ll try and remember it. Maybe you can use that for Trixie’s toothpaste hehe.

  4. Yup you got it. Silly rules and all their silly exceptions.

    Yayayayayay! Popeye the brailler man’s gonna come through for ya. Oh, I just remembered, paypal has a captcha. There’s audio but it’s still a captcha. There may be alternate ways to confirm, like having an automated thingamabobber call you and you have to put a pin code in that they show you in text before it calls…I can’t remember if that’s a captcha substitute or some other form of verification. But Paypal is very very very security conscious, as they should be. they have all manner of bank and credit card numbers in their hot little hands.

    Hahaha I’ll have to think about that. This tube, I don’t know what’s up with it.

  5. Ok ramble-bug.. lol Very funny lengthy post. I just wanted to let you know about the whole Harry Potter thing I’ve done the same thing lol.. the whole thinking it was real and she was telling the secret but not really haha. however I was a little younger lol. I got darrell into the Harry potter books, he loves them and is actually listening to the 7th one right now while he cleans his side of the bedroom.

  6. Ro

    Carin, I called paypal to ask them some questions, and they said if I have any problems with captchas I can call them. So that will be fun to figure out. That is how I’m supposed to get paid for the job, if that ever starts. What else did you say, herm. Oh I’m saying herm now cuz you got it in my head lol. Yeah I think brailler man will be a go. I just wish I knew that it was in good shape, though I don’t see how it wouldn’t be. I have to tell my braille teacher tomorrow that I’m not continuing. Kinda dreading that. Uh, if I forgot something, forgive me. I be tired lol.

    Natalie, you sayin I’m too old to fantasize about Harry Potter? 😉 Oh, and you and JayNoi saying my posts are long. I like long posts darnit. especially on weekends hehe. Plus, they’re fun for me to look back on. Its gonna be so fun in a year from now to look back on all this stuff.

  7. Hahaha I got you to say herm. Maybe you can ask him if it’s possible to get him to snap a picture of his brailler and then you can show it to B. Maybe he’s got a sighty he can borrow, and a lot of talks-capable phones have cameras, so it’s not like you’re asking for the moon. You can just ask if it’s possible, but say you understand if it isn’t. You never know unless you ask. But then again, a picture doesn’t demonstrate how stiff the workings are, etc. Herm. If it’s been under a cover, it should be good. The most it might need is a little oil to get it going again, but it might not even need that. Is there someone at SAVI who knows a little bit about braillers who might be able to lubricate it for you if you needed it?

  8. Ro

    Yeah I don’t think a picture would be worth much, since B wouldn’t know what he was looking at lol. I think Saavi will know something, and I think I’m gonna talk to one of the ladies there about this. She’s the one who urged me to study grade 2 on my own, so I think I’ll see what she thinks. I’ll ask her where she takes her brailler for service.

    I’m so so so so so excited!!

    Oh yeah, you and your herm. Now I play with letters to really try and say when I’m feeling when it comes to consternation lol!

  9. Well, that first brailler man’s website I gave you does brailler repairs, and I’ve heard nothing but glowing reports about him. So he’s one option, but I’m sure there are other options around too. Eee I’m excited right with you!

  10. Ro

    Awesome, I’ve got it on file.

    Everytime I get a comment on this post I hear “this turned ut long” haha I wish it was funny on Jaws too 😉

  11. Haha I wasn’t just talking about you Ro, we’re too old too and Darrell and I still discuss it sometimes haha. Also, I by no means think your blogs are too long, I just think it so funny when you write these huge posts especially since now that you did the 30 posts in 30 days thing. You have like 5 posts in a row that are like “oh I don’t have anything to write yadda yadda yadda” lol and then you have this humungous one where you just can’t quit. Haha. I just think you’re too funny.

  12. Wow! Thanks for the very long, entertaining post to read 🙂 Just wanted to post a comment saying that I’ve been enjoying your blog. I’ve been reading for a while now, just haven’t left a comment. So here I am. Commenting.

  13. Hi, feel free to link! Thanks for the comment, it really means a lot to me. 🙂

  14. The huge comment thread we’ve got going is pretty sweet. It’s well over 100 now. It fell off the main page yesterday, but these things aren’t hard to find. I can’t even remember how many topics the thing has covered, but there are a lot of ’em.

    Wish there was a way for Carin and I to look the brailler over for you. I’m sure it’s fine if he says it’s like new, those things are pretty hard to injure. We’ve had the same one in my family for about 23 years and have had only 1 problem with it in all that time…and that was almost 16 years ago.

  15. Ro

    Let’s see if I can remember names here after posting these hehe. Elizabeth, sweet, I got me another puppy raiser post hehe! Emily, welcome! Thanks for commenting and glad you enjoy 🙂 Natalie, your comment made me chuckle because you’res o right, I do that a lot, got nothing to say and then ramble ramble lol. Steve, yeah I think it will be fine. Everyone I know with a Perkins has had it for forever. And at such a great price, I don’t think I can pass it up.

    K, more coffee now 😉

  16. I just read the jnoi part. Long post girl! LOL

    Its and the contraction it’s. The contraction is used when you can say IT IS and you shorten it to it’s. It’s a cold day out here in Nebraska! (see I could have said, It is a cold day in Hell, I mean Nebraska.)
    Whether she its, or she it’s, it’s all good! *wink* *wink* how did Alex like that one? lol

    jnoi (grammar police) lol

  17. I hope my comment didn’t get lost. 🙂
    jnoi over and out… lol

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