What the fork?

Pretty much everything B and I have is all piece meal stuff, things we’ve been given, and things we brought into the relationship.

My silverware is mostly stuff from a restaurant I worked at ages ago, and the ones he brought from the bachelor pad are just that, bachelor silverware. I don’t like his, because the handles are really fat and I can’t tell which way is up. So I avoid his and mostly use mine

We have an abundance of knives and spoons. I like spoons much better than forks since I’ve gone blind. I’ll use forks when there’s plenty of food to spear, but mostly eat with spoons.

But sometimes I want a fork, and B always uses one. and we hardly have any. Huh? Is there a fork monster like a sock monster? Where have all the forks gone?

And I’m picky when I do use a fork. I like long tines. For some reason I’ve got 2 forks with short tines. Pie forks I guess. B’s forks have long tines, but they all have one bent tine, and a middle tine at that, not even an end tine. How do you bend a middle tine of a fork? So the bend tine will poke my tooth. I asked him once, what the hell did you do with these forks, try and fix stuff with them? It started a bit of a sheepish giggling fit, because he honestly doesn’t know.

this leaves me with like 3 of my forks with long straight tines and handles that let me tell which way is up.

We need more forks. Can you buy forks separately? And are they loose so I can feel the handles?

Forks. Who’d have ever thought forks would be such an issue.


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  1. hmmm yes, no comment lol. But if it makes you feel any better there is definitely a silverware monster.. Ours like spoons

  2. R

    Lol I’ve got a spoon theif, but in a completely different context 😉

    There’s this essay called The Spoon Theory about how this girl described having Lupus to a friend, and its all about running out of spoons. I should find that link and post it sometime.

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