What the…didn’t she already post today?

Yes, yes I did. But I’m posting again. Because well, I feel like it.

I’m labeling everything with 30×30 just to see how many posts I do this month, even though I can just look at the archive. Kinda silly. Oh well.

I wanted to mention my freak out yesterday about guide dog school. I can’t begin to say how much it helped, due to all the comments I got. I’m now totally relaxing about the whole thing, instead of getting frantic about people not getting paperwork in, or O & M lessons being cancelled. I remember my friend Sarah broke her foot, and it was the best thing that happened to her, because it made her slow down.

I’m slowing down on all this. I’ve been pushing so hard that I felt my spoons start dwindling big time. Spoons? Yes, spoons. Click here to read about the Spoon Theory when it comes to explaining chronic illness.

Today I found myself doing nothing. I’m still not even out of my night clothes. I finally made my bed when I was on the phone with Carol, thank you blue tooth for letting my hands be free. I’m not going to say I wasn’t productive. I always say that when I have a lazy day. Oh I wasn’t productive. I didn’t do this, I didn’t do that. When in all actuality, I was productive because I was replenishing spoons. Its when I have days in a row like this that I worry. But I can tell it was the right thing today, to just live on blogger, because I don’t feel guilty in the slightest.

Soon I’ll need to get ready for choir. I haven’t practiced all week. Why bother? I know it all too well, so well in fact that I’m bored at rehearsal. Everyone gets stuck at certain places and we work it over and over. I killed myself practicing with the cds and all I did was learn it too fast, when I could have just gone to rehearsal every week and practiced the same line 10 times.

I’m not complaining. I’m actually bragging. Its one thing I’m not too humble about, singing. Especially learning music blind for the first time and having it work almost too well. Thank you Maegan.

I’m even looking forward to the dreaded Sleighbells. This song is where I think I’ll actually be glad if women have questions so hopefully I can get past the one little spot thats screwing me up. It’ll also be nice to figure out exactly where all the jing a ling a lings fit.

I think Lish just signed on for our Tuesday chat. She has the coolest job. She’s a job coach, so she sits in the student union with her laptop and watches the employee being coached, but she’s paid to chat and watch The Office on hulu.

Oh I forgot to mention when I was talking about guide dogs, that I heard from the other lady who hadn’t sent in the paperwork. She said she never got it, and was calling the school. I’m not all paniced about it today though. It’ll happen when it happens. I’m even starting to think I’m not quite ready to go in Jan. or Feb.

I did get a rescheduled O & M lesson for tomorrow, which is nice, because Dave can take me to Saavi afterwards for my workout, and I’ll just need to take SunVan home, which is better than taking it both ways.

So, I chilled, spent an entire day talking to my favorite Canadians, ate peach pie for lunch, and everything worked out.

Nice how that happens, eh?


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6 Responses to What the…didn’t she already post today?

  1. Glad things are going better since you talked out your concerns about school. Who knows, if you go later in the year maybe you would be matched with Millie (if she isn’t a breeder!) or any of the other blogger dogs (Fuller) who have recently gone back!

    Have fun with Choir! I love to sing, but am not very good at it!

  2. That spoon thing tried to elude me! Silly PDF! I like it. What a good read.

  3. Hey! I just found your blog! I have read most of it and am so excited to follow your journey to getting a guide dog. I used to be a puppy raiser for GDB and now have two career changed dogs that I raised. Feel free to check out my blogs even though I am no longer a puppy raiser.

  4. R

    Sarah, haha who knows right? Its always possible, thats for sure.

    Karenn, I didn’t even realize it was a pdf. Hmm. Voiceover just read it so I didn’t know if it was html or not lol.

    Brittney, welcome! I don’t know if I spelled your name right, and if not, so sorry! I usually spell out names, but I’ve got quite a few comments to reply to and today has been absolutely nuts! As you know, I love puppy raisers, even retired ones 😉 I’ll definitely check out your blog!

  5. No worries. I just was like I don’t wanna buy a print copy, I just wanna read it! Then I looked in another window, and voila!

    Hope it’s been good crazy and not bad crazy.

  6. R

    Its been incredible crazy. I am almost caught up and them I’m gonna write a huge blog, though I’m not going into detail too much since something happened that is brand new and I don’t want to jinx it. So I’ll be leaving readers in suspense. 😉

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