What it’s like for the parent of a child with autism

“So don’t throw your euphemisms my way. Recognize that life with my son’s Asperger’s — life anywhere on the autism spectrum — can be at least a periodic nightmare, and respect my struggle enough to allow me to call it that. Know that not everything is bad — I am blessed with many moments of joy with our often adorable and cuddly boy. We share jokes and laugh together; we play and sing and dance; he holds my hand as I sing him to sleep each night, kisses me back and tells me, “I love you, Mommy.” – Anonymous

Wow. I just finished reading this post written by the mother of a boy diagnosed with Asperger’s. The link I posted about yesterday was actually in response to this one.

Again, I am able to get a better understanding, is that the right word? Maybe I should say a better glimpse into autism, by reading real people’s experiences.

This post spoke to me and I hope you go read it. She talks about the judgements she gets from others, even family. And the judgements around a disability are something I am really learning from, through my own situation. I could really relate to her, even though our situations are nothing alike. This was just a really powerful look into what it’s like to be the parent. After doing a lot of reading on adults with autism spectrum disorders, I can only hope that things will even out for them. I wonder if she goes and reads about adults with autism to get a glimpse of what her son’s life could be like. She seems to have some positivity left, and I really hope she holds on to that.

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    OMG! Facebook has a app with a test for Autism. I can’t figure out why it exists. It try’s to sound official like, but I don’t know. Don’t know if it’s screen reader worthy, but here’s the link


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