What is unique about this post?

This post is going to be at least five hundred words about my mundane Friday, however there is going to be something about it that readers probably won’t notice until this fact is revealed. Originally when I read this writing prompt, a word count didn’t factor in. I decided to increase my difficulty by adding a word requirement. A topic wasn’t given; I decided just to write whatever came into my head.

I have made Fridays my weekday to do my chores. This entails vacuuming as well as mopping. I also tidy up kitchen counters along with washing dishes. I like to utilize soapy dish water to wipe down counters as well as my coffee table. Jayden also gets a thorough brushing before I vacuum so that Mr. Eureka takes care of shed yellow doggy hair.

I told Georgie this morning as we talked while I swept that I know I am doing well mentally when I make sure to do this cleaning every week. The benefits are many. My house stays clean which helps my mental state. Doing it every week keeps it easy since it never derails so badly that it needs hours upon hours to complete. Even when I have intervals of severe spoon depletion, it doesn’t take much time to catch up upon recovery. I’m also never mortified when I have a surprise guest.

After I finish these chores, furniture gets sprayed with Lysol, airy spaces with Febreeze room freshener. When this is completed, my house feels so fresh that I am able to relax back, feeling accomplished.

Little things really matter, I have come to discover. My conversation with Georgie this morning reminded me of little things I keep a close watch on when it comes to my mental health. Since I became sober, I have known that ignoring little things will make them fester into large things. It tends to be easier to deal with large things as they happen than it is to deal with lots of small things. It doesn’t seem like it should make sense, I know. When looking at life as a huge picture however, dealing with small things as they happen seems to make life’s insanity more manageable. In my life this translates to taking care of little things daily before they balloon into gigantic things. I don’t always succeed at this however I make a valiant effort. Being medicated is a huge advantage in this life design since I don’t become overwhelmed by small things like I used to.

I took a long break from writing this since Carol called. Naturally we talked a long time since we’re incapable of having brief conversations. I am dealing with another stressor, (what is life without stressors?) so talking to my best friend helped.

I took a shower since I desperately needed it after cleaning. I suppose this is done since I don’t want to be writing before sleep just to include an entire wake cycle in this post.

I have decided to wait on revealing what is unique about this entry. Go ahead, leave a guess in a comment. I will refrain from publishing comments until Sunday or so. To those following Twitter accounts giving writing prompts, no cheating! Keep your knowledge to yourself. Does your blog have a post such as this?


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6 Responses to What is unique about this post?

  1. Um, I didn’t find it. 🙁

  2. Nicely done! I think I know which prompt inspired this post, because I considered trying to do it sometime soon. This is more of a challenge than a person might expect. 🙂
    L-Squared recently posted..I Did It! (by Jack)My Profile

  3. Ceci

    Well, I think that what’s unique about this post, is that you wrote stuff as the day was passing by, you wrote things as they happened all threw your day.

  4. Ro

    Amanda, don’t give up so soon. Nobody as of yet guessed correctly. 🙂

    Carrot, it is indeed difficult, as you’ve demonstrated, however I enjoyed challenging myself. Just give yourself plenty of time. 😉

    Ceci, good observation however that isn’t what is unique. It is something very specific. 🙂
    Ro recently posted..And it would have been fine if it hadn’t been for those meddling headphonesMy Profile

  5. Ro

    I just visited my dashboard, read my last couple comments, noticed I goofed in my last comment. Darnit! Well, there’s a hint!
    Ro recently posted..And it would have been fine if it hadn’t been for those meddling headphonesMy Profile

  6. Man, this is hard. I was thinking it was that you mentioned taking a shower only in passing because you usually write about how much those zonk you out, but I’m not overly confident in that guess. In fact I think it’s a pretty terrible guess, if I’m being completely honest with myself.
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