What do you think about crocheting/knitting blankets for Japan?

This morning I woke up to the news about the earthquake in Japan, and just like with any other natural disaster, I immediately wanted to help, but how? Suddenly I thought about what my skills are and I wondered if the people would need blankets. Then I thought that would be silly; they could probably use the money we’d put into yarn and the money would get there faster. My whole train of thought was being jotted down on Twitter, and someone pointed out that if we were to send a ton of blankets, we’d know the government couldn’t take it like they would money. Not to accuse the government of anything, but it makes sense. Like giving a beggar a sandwich, you know he’s not gonna spend the money for it on a beer, right? So we’d know the people were getting blankets…

So what if we use the power of the net to rally all the crocheters and knitters we know to furiously start working on the fastest patterns we know? What if we all got those one pounders of Red heart and just went to town? If I did a simple ripple in all one color, I could crochet up those blankets fast. I know how bad I am at finishing blankets and getting them shipped, as the puppy pool winners know, but for a cause like this? Those people will need all kinds of things, right? Of course they’d need blankets?

So, crocheters/knitters, what do you think? Could we do this?


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  1. Ro

    I received this comment but she gave me her email so I’m not publishing the comment. Here is what she wrote, we have interest!

    Hi! My name is Lauren and I just did a google search to see if any relief groups had projects going for blankets needed for Japan yet…I couldn’t find anything but I found your blog! I crochet and want to help Japan too. I had the same thought about using Red Heart…I’m not the best or fasted crocheter but I’ll join you in making blankets.

    Lauren, I’ll send you an email with a link to a really simple ripple I use quite often. Once you get the knack of it, it goes super fast.

  2. I can’t knit or crochet, but if you need help in any other way let me know. I left the same comment with L^2
    I think your idea is fabulous.

  3. Ro

    The only thing I can think of, is if we get lots of people doing this, we’ll have to find the best place to send them, whether it be Red Cross or something like that. Shipping can get really expensive, so I’m wondering if there’s some kind of charity shipping or something haha. I know the blind can use the mail for free, but beyond that I’m not sure. So if this goes anyywhere, we’ll have to figure out how to organize it and stuff. I also want to give this a name, something the participants can “join”. Thoughts?

  4. I’m sure you could get some kind of bulk shipping rate through somebody or an organization could donate some shipping services. There has to be a way since people do things like this all the time without being crippled by shipping costs. If all else fails, you could always try a buy a blanket thing where people can donate X number of dollars to have a blanket made and sent in their name. That might work if the effort gets enough momentum behind it.

  5. L^2

    I know you’ve been busy, but have you thought any more about where exactly we’re going to send them yet?
    I talked to another couple of people who seem interested in participating but they want to know more specific details first, like who’s going to distribute the blankets and how much is it going to cost us to get them wherever they are going. Are we each going to mail our blankets to Japan (or the Red Cross or where ever) individually, or are you going to collect them all and send one big box? If we did this last method, maybe we could collect donations to cover the shipping cost of the box from people who want to help but don’t knit or crochet.

    (I posted the same thing in the comments on my blog post too… no need to answer in both places.)

  6. Ro

    This is going to take some research, because I don’t know the best way to go about it. I’m thinking about contacting the Red Cross and talking to them about the best way to do it. It almost seems to me like if we each give them to our local Rd Cross, they can get the blankets to Japan. I’m not comfortable collecting them since it would mean giving out my address to people I’ve never talked to.

    Japan will need things for quite some time and I’m planning another blog post on this at some point today, probably when I get home from Gamma’s. I’ve already started crocheting even though I don’t know how we’ll do this yet, so I’d just suggest that if people want to, just start while we work out details. I got a tweet last night, an RT, someone in Japan saying they need blankets and food. So this will be a good cause, for sure. Sorry if I’m not coherant, just woke up. 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    Hi everyone! God Bless you for your ideas and efforts..I found this site that lists the addresses of where you can send your blankets. My beautiful late Mom was from Northern Japan and I plan to send the blankets she hand crocheted to one of these addresses. I think for sure the blankets will be used and appreciated. Japanese people are very kind and honest. My Mom Loved Crocheting and Knitting! She said it was relaxing, an art form, and made gifts of Love. God Bless and everyone stay strong and love each other. 🙂

    Oh I can’t post the link. So just google “donate blankets japan” and you will find some sites.

  8. Anonymous

    clothes4souls.org has locations where you can drop off or ship gently used clothes and blankets. They send them in bulk to Japan and other areas victimized by natural disasters. I believe there are only 3 drop off locations in the U.S. and only 2 you can ship items to. They also have areas where you can start a drive to collect jeans and/or coats in your community and you can send them in bulk. They say to collect $1 for every item for shipping. They also have an area where you can sign up to start fundraiser. Check it out. I think I may start a drive in my community for this.

  9. Anonymous

    I just called the Red Cross in my area and they said that they are only accepting money at this time. I guess they sent a lot of clothes to Haiti and it all ended up being trashed….no one used it. I am making baby blankets and would love to donate if someone can find an organization that is willing to see that Japan gets them!

  10. Ro

    Thanks so much to everyone who’s commented. This is too bad about the Red Cross. I’ve gotten some other comments that I haven’t published because they include people’s email addresses, but they’ve got some ideas.

    I need to write another post and see where we’re at with this, but I’ve been pretty fatigued. I’m gonna try to get one up today. It sounds like there’s a lot of interest, but is this feasible? We’ll have to find out. I’ve been working on the first blanket, so hopefully we’ll find something out.

  11. I was actually thinking of doing the same in my community. I’d like to also collect non-perishable food items, and bottled water cases to send to Japan, but wondered also about the shipping. I’m kind of paranoid myself about sending money to all of these places that I found online. I did manage to go with the Red Cross, and hope that it helps out somehow. Hopefully someone can shed some light on how to get our donated items to them! 🙂

  12. Becky

    I’ve also been interested in knitting/crocheting blankets for Japan. The only other organization I was able to find doing the same thing was in England. However, they were collecting squares that would later be assembled into a blanket. Someone there had suggested contacting the Japanese Embassy to see where/if these blankets could be shipped. One thing to keep in mind is that at this point any ports that are open are going to be accepting the medicines and food stuff first. I guess that gives the knitters more time. Also, a note, if these blankets get made, avoid the color white as it is the color of mourning in Japan. Red is a good color as it represents good luck as is yellow.

  13. Ro

    I finally got another post up here about the latest. I’ve gotten lots of interest in this, and thanks so much for all your suggestions! If you don’t see your comment here, you probably gave me your email and I didn’t want it floating around in the ether. I’ll email you soon.

  14. lori

    I just sent you a comment my name is Lori T. Here is a link you can contact these people as they send Japan packages everymonth.

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