Well, I vacuumed

Last Thursday, I said I needed to commit to vacuuming once a week, either on Tuesday or on Thursday, my days to get stuff done. So today I knew I needed to do it because I didn’t on Tuesday. I’ve been feeling like absolute hell this week. We’ve had this crazy weather front moving in, lots of overcast days, and it just makes me lethargic and achey. Typically, I feel better before noon, even on good days, but it’s even more important during bad days to get stuff done before the noon hour hits.

So I made myself get out the vacuum. I wasn’t going to move furntiture and stuff lol, just a normal vacuuming. I think the thing is dying. B got it not all that long ago and when we first got it it worked great. But now it’s not picking everything up. I’ve taken the sugestion of other blind vacuumers and do it barefoot, and I can go over and over a spot and still feel stuff there. I turned the vacuum over and turned it on mid way where the brush doesn’t spin and felt, and it’s not sucking. A vaccum is the one item you want to suck hahaha ok bad joke. So, I did the floors and it definitly helps, but it’s not great. Gonna need to have it looked at. I wonder if there’s a vacuum repair shop that will pick it up hmmm.

The trays also worked fabulously. I was able to just pick it up to clean the table, rather than moving all B’s stuff.

I just sprayed the furniture and carpets with F’breeze and then used my F’breeze Air Effects air freshener hehe. Can you tell I like F’breeze? I love it.

Anyway, just wanted to post about that since I asked people to hold me accountable if I didn’t do it 😉

B sent a text not too long ago asking if I’m doing ok with the wind. I replied that it hasn’t been bad and he said it’s about to be. I’m still not really hearing anything, so we’ll see. If it gets bad, you might just see another post from me trying to occupy myself. Though I’m probably gonna get on the couch with Harry to try and drown out the sounds if it gets bad. Almost time for afternoon coffee yay!

The internet is slow today. Not literally slow, but slow on blog posts and emails. Seems like it’s always like that on days I’m not busy. Don’t you all know you’re my entertainment? 😉


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  1. Save yourself the trouble and pick up a new vacuum at Walmart, they’re cheap enough these days. Harry is always good for a little distraction, isn’t he?

  2. Ro

    That’s what I’ve always done. Just bought cheep ones. But B bought a more expensive one and see where that got us? I don’t want to just toss it because it was more expensive. One of these ones that’s good with pet hair. Ugh.

    Yep, the wind is starting, so I forsee me finishing number 5 today.

  3. The vacuum I have is from Sears and it is awesome for the dog hair. I think it’s called a Progressive something or other. Works great. One thing I don’t like about it is it needs bags, pain in the butt to make sure I always have some on hand.

    haha, about the entertainment thing. Someone once told me that they like to see me at agility trials as I always teach them something new, and I was like “Oh no, the pressure is on now!”

  4. Ro

    That’s what we like about this vacuum, it’s a canister. But it’s just not working properly. I might have B take a look at the filter. Maybe it’s something simple.

    Haha, the pressure is on! That’s how I felt when I committed to posting daily until I get the dog lol!

  5. Hey Ro, long time no read!
    B asked if you were doing okay with the wind? You shoulda said, “It sucks, but the vacuum doesn’t!” You probably have a big hairball stuck in the hose. Cough it up vacuum, now! teeheehee You have cats and they get them stuck all the time. lol Glad we can all entertain you! 😛 Stay safe Ro!

    Jnoi from another planet

  6. Ro

    Hahaha I should have, that would be funny hehe!

    You’ve been busy, I know. But now that you’ve commented it reminds me of a post that Carin did about a book that she disliked and she actually mentioned you in the post. It’s this horrible sounding book aimed at teens that to me, really isn’t a teen type book. If you’re interested its at


    Miss ya JayNoi but I know you’re busy making writers write right 😉

  7. I love febreeze too and also trying to get into the vacuuming routine (Cricket’s toy) more often.

  8. Ro

    Hehehe that cracked me up on your blog when I read about Crickett’s toy. My cats run for the hills when the vacuum comes out.

  9. Betcha there’s a hairball in the hose. Do you have a long stick you can stick down the hose? We had a really thin wooden rod that was perfect for extricating puffballs of who knows what. Now we lost it, or misplaced it! Damn it! But I bet something’s stuck en route from sucker to canister. And is stuff lodged in the brushes? Like wrapped around them preventing them from spinning and getting in the way of the sucky-uppy power. Yeah I’m o so technical.

    Stay out of the wind. Oooo. I have an evil thought. No, no no. Don’t read Ray Bradbury’s “The Wind!” Now I’ve planted the seed.

  10. Ro

    I can try using the hanger I used on the tank vacuum hose. This isn’t really a hose though. But I’ll try that tomorrow.

    I won’t read it. Carol was telling me about a book she read about a blind girl who gets murdered and they had to find someone who could read braille to read her journal in case she knew her killer and I told her to stop telling me about it and I weill never read it lol. I won’t subject myself to things that have literal meaning in my life that will scare me lol. Though sometimes the crime shows I watch do that. But they aren’t as scary as books even though they’re real life. Ok I’m totally ramblind because I’m freaked about this torm. I made progress today though, didn’t freak out as bad until now. Oh yeah and I always clean off the hair on the brush.

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