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So normally I work out at Saavi on Mondays and Wednesdays, but with the holidays, it got all messed up and the gym is closed from today until the 4th. This is another reason I’ve been blue, because I hated the prospect of not working out for 2 weeks. But Lisa gave me an at home workout to do to keep up. Monday between sets, she showed me exercises to do with dumbells at home, to mimic the machines. Mondays are my more intense workout and we’ve been going a little lighter on Wednesdays so I’m not dead for Friday O & M lessons. So I did my modified Wednesday workout this morning, and want to share. Some people on my e-mail list have been interested, so I’ll send them the link when I post this.

So Wednesdays for cardio, I ride the stationary bike for 30 minutes. What was I going to do for cardio at home? I made a 30 minute playlist of up tempo songs and danced. Let me tell you, it was too much fun and I think I ended up working even harder! I put on my workout clothes to help me motivate so I was wearing my sneakers, which made line dancing on carpet even harder lol! I did some line dancing, some two stepping, some jitter bug, some twist, whatever came to me. When I got a little winded I just walked back and forth, trailing my wall or my counter. I did some walking in place holding on to my counter. I did some jumping around haha! I finally decided to try line dancing in my kitchen and this worked much better.

By the time the thirty minutes were up, I was sweating and had definitely gotten my heart rate up, as well as working out my legs. I got on the floor and did my stretching routine. Lisa says only do intense stretching when you’re nice and warmed up, or you’ll tear your muscles. So before I start a workout, I just lightly stretchch my legs while standing.

After cardio on Wednesdays, I go to the decline sit up bench. I’m able to do 3 sets of 30 on this bench. I’ve worked up from ten. So here at home, I put a towel down and stuck my feet under a cabinet and did 30 sit ups and it freakin killed me. It’s so so much different on the hard floor, even on carpet. So I rested and was only able to do 15 more. Weird.

After sit ups on Wednesday, I do my arm workout. I sit on a weight bench, and workout with 3 pound dumbells. This might sound light, but these exercises are hard, and I don’t want to bulk up my arms, just tone. So it’s better to do lighter weights with more reps. So I’m up to 3 sets of 12, rotating the following 3 exercises:

I think the first one is called lat raises. Hold weights down next to you, palms facing you. Raise arms straight in front of you like a zombie only about shoulder level. Do however many reps, but start out easy.

Don’t know what this one is called. Hold arms down with palms facing hips. Lift out and up, arms paralell to the floor, shoulder height.

Third one is military press. Bring arms up shoulder hight and bend elbows at a ninety degree angle, palms facing out in front of you. Lift straight up over your head.

That’s my Wednesday arm workout. Start off light, and don’t do a ton of reps until you know how your arms handle it.

The last thing I do on Wednesdays is torso twist. I do sit ups and torso twist on Mondays and Wednesdays. I use a machine, but Lisa gave me a way to do it at home. I modified it though. She had told me to hold the dumbells out in front of me, palms together, but my arms hurt, so I strapped ankle weights to my biceps and clasped my hands as if in prayer. Sitting, twist to the right and then back to the front. Try to focus on your waist and let your waist and ab muscles do the twisting. Be sure to sit up straight. With the machine, you do your sets to the right, and then switch the machine to twist to the left, so I did this. On the machine, I do twenty pounds, but the ankle weights are only 6 combined, so I did 20 reps to the right, 3 sets, then twenty reps to the left, 3 sets.

That’s the Wednesday workout! I’m so proud of myself for doing it with as much dedication as I do at Saavi, and it really did lift my spirits to know I could workout just as hard at home.

Make sure to drink plenty of water, and start of slow when you begin working out. I’m no expert in all this, so if anything hurts, like hurts in a bad way, don’t do it. Abdominal muscles are the only ones that can be worked out daily with no break. But arms and legs need at least a day in between to repair themselves, so don’t over do it. If you’ve got any back problems or other ailments, talk to your doctor first before doing any new exercise. Lisa did an extensive checklist with me before we started.

I want to talk about sit ups now too. I learned from doing Pilates, that if you’re not careful, you can actually build your ab muscles out. I had a friend who was really thin and she did a lot of sit ups and she always looked pregnant. It takes proper form to not build out. In Pilates, they explain it as “pulling your belly button to your spine”. Try this laying down. Pull your abs in as though you are trying to make your belly button touch your spine. Try it standing and sitting too. It takes practice. When doing any kind of ab work, practice doing this. You’ll find that sit ups have even better results, while hurting a bit more. I do this even when walking or any kind of cardio, to train my belly muscles. I used to have a note up at work that just said “Pilates” to remind me to practice this.

My belly is slowly flattening out and I’ve been working out since September. So, anyway, just wanted to share some pointers for at home workouts. It’s really lifted my spirits today, and I feel good physically. I’ve got another post to write about a few more things that cheered me up today, but I need to eat lunch.

Oh yeah, I used to listen to Dr. Laura and she always said the key to weight loss is “eat less, move more”. She said just walk in place when you’re watching tv. I live by that. I eat what I want, just less of it. And I move more. Cardio is really the key to weight loss. When your heart rate gets up, you burn more fat and calories. So there ya have it, if you’re making a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get healthier. I don’t make resolutions. They are made to be broken hehe. I just make decisions to improve my life.

Don’t go by the scale to monitor your progress. Muscle weighs more than fat, so the scale is deceiving. Go by how your clothes feel. I touched my body when I started working out, since I can’t see it. I pinched areas and paid attention to how things felt. And I continue this. I feel less fat when I pinch, my arms feel harder, my abs feel harder. The scale can be discouraging. It takes about 6 weeks to start noticing any differences.

Happy sweating!


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5 Responses to Wednesday Workout

  1. Nice! I know what you mean about inhome workouts – I struggle to be motivated. Love the social part of going to the gym or yoga studio. Dancing to music at home makes it so much more fun!

  2. You are such a motivator, Ro! I agree that nothing lifts spirits better than working out. I’ve been a slug with my back being hurt–but I just took Cabana for a 15-minute walk, and I feel much better emotionally, although my back still feels not-so-good. I didn’t know that about needing to give arms and legs a break but that abs can be worked everyday. Abs are my trouble spot. 🙁

  3. Ro

    Becky, I’ve never tried yoga. I had a book and tried some of the poses but my balance was terrible lol!

    Mimi, what’s happened to your back? I’ve seen on your blog that you injured it. Can you get it checked out?

  4. @Ro I agree with Becky … I teach yoga regularly and I can assure you your missing out. Especially when you get older… yoga is great! Like everything…just takes a little practice 🙂

    @Mimi and Cabana … Best of luck with your injury. My husband had a back injury… it wasn’t even a major injury and he was in a lot of pain. Get better!


  5. I don’t make resolutions either. When people ask me every year what my resolutions are I always tell them that I resolve to make no resolutions, because it’s the only one I’ve ever seen anybody keep. If you’re going to do something you’re just going to do it because it’s time, not because you have to break out the new calendar.

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