WebAIM talks Voiceover!

The folks at WebAIM have put up an article, ‘Using VoiceOver to Evaluate Web Accessibility’, which I learned a few things from even though I’ve been using Voiceover now for nearly two years. The article assumes the most current OS, so if you don’t have Snow, like I don’t and need to get, you’ll notice The article mentions the awesome rotor, which is only in snow Leopard, so if you’re reading that and trying to find the rotor in Leopard, it doesn’t exist.

I’ve posted some quick tutorials for Voiceover, but this one by webAIM is by far more comprehensive and cohesive than anything I’ve written. It’s written for developers to be able to use Voiceover to test their web sites.

If you’re just a computer geek like me, you might find the article fun and if you’re a Jaws user, you might enjoy comparing the two even if you don’t own a Mac.

Enjoy, and thanks WebAIM for your sheer awesomeness!


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4 Responses to WebAIM talks Voiceover!

  1. This might be handy for the Echo people to take a look at, maybe give them something to go on.

  2. Ro

    Maybe, but I don’t think they care. The last e-mail told me to reinstall the old Safari from before I had the problems.

  3. Let me guess. Same guy as the last pearl of wisdom? Perhaps I shall put on my paying customer hat and my annoyed customer shoes and rattle some cages for you.

  4. Ro

    Yep same guy. If someone would just test it on their Apple, I want to know if it’s just my computer. It is being buggy lately, but who knows. Money talks, so maybe that’s what it will take, who knows.

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