WebAIM screen reader survey results

I took this survey, as well as the one before it. Here are the most recent results.

apple users, we’re getting a little more recognition, primarily when it comes to cost. The survey showed that more experienced users are likely to try these cost effective alternatives. I wish I had been blogging, as I would have posted the link for the survey here. I will definitly keep the blog apprised of WebAIM info. I love them, and have learned so much from them, as far as web accessibility goes.

This survey takes awhile to read though, if you’re focusing on all the questions and responses, so I’d recommend having about twenty minutes of free time, which is why I couldn’t look at it yesterday 😉

I especially like the CAPTCHA results, and they mention that these can be made accessible, as well as flash. Most of the blame is being put on developers, and not screen readers.


I just realized this survey was done in October, and I had the blog then. Why didn’t I link to it? Hmmm. Slacker.


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  1. Ah you were pretty new. It’s hard to get the hang of what goes on the blog at first. Shweet! I get to see survey results!

  2. R

    Ok, we really are twins. I love survey results, especially when I’ve participated in them. If only I remember all of my responses. I just know that in the first one, I was brand brand new, so this time I got be intermediate tee hee

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