Weather and nothing

It’s been awhile since I just sat down to write about whatever. I know weather is at the forefront of what I feel like writing. I was talking to Erik the other day and it seems we always come around to weather. That makes me feel old. How’s the weather? Hot. Really? It can’t be worse than it is here. Oh yeah? Yeah, I’m in the desert, you’re in CT. It’s 91 with 95 percent humidity. What???

Ok folks. I have a confession to make. My entire life I hated it when people would say, yeah but it’s a dry heat, in reference to the AZ heat. I’d always say yeah an oven is dry too. But I get it. I get it now. The older I get and especially with the MS, I notice humidity. I know we don’t have it bad like most everywhere else. I get that now. Because when we do have it, I’m miserable. So I get it ok? I won’t get mad when people say it’s a dry heat. I can be out in the hundred degree weather for short periods of time, to take Jayden out, to walk to the car, and it’s fine. But when you add in humidity, I’m miserable instantly.

The last few mornings I’ve taken Jayden out and then come in to check the weather, not trusting that the misery I felt was true, trying to convince myself to go for a walk. It’s been in the upper eighties with humidity in the upper twenties at 6:30am. Ugh. To most, those are probably pretty ok numbers, but it’s really hard on me.

I know that this is just the beginning of the monsoon season. The monsoons are just hanging around, close enough to raise the humidity, but they aren’t doing anything, which means we get no relief. When the monsoons finally start, the humidity will break a bit, the temp will drop before the storms, the wind will be cool. But right now it’s just ick.

I’m dreading going to Gamma’s today, because of the weather. Supposedly we’re finally supposed to see some storm action today. There hasn’t even been the rumble of thunder. There has been rain twice, but not a cooling rain. We’ll need to run by the store when B picks me up from her house and I’m just dreading getting into the hot car. That’s the worst part, getting into a vehicle after it’s been sitting for fifteen minutes.

So that’s my rambling about the weather. It’s just making me ache all over. I got a massage the other day and it’s a good thing because I was in so much pain before the massage, can you imagine adding the humidity on top of that if I hadn’t gotten the massage? Owwww.

I’ve been really good about taking a vitamin, finally. I got the one a day womens vitamin. I think they’ve definitely helped balance me out. I’m not getting such horrid dizzy spells and they seem to give me more energy.

I’ve been eating pretty bad though. And I can feel it a bit in my waist line. Oops. Better get back on the wagon; don’t want to gain wait. I was doing soooo well.

I’m thinking about trying to trim my own hair. What? Are you crazy? Well, sometimes yes. It’s really long but the ends feel horrible. My hair lives up in a bun for the whole summer, so if I trim it badly, who will notice? And then I won’t feel those terrible ends anymore. I just don’t really see the point of spending money on a trim when I don’t wear it down in the heat anyway. So we’ll see if I have the courage to do it.

Yesterday while I was killing time before the game, I read all the posts labeled ‘Insert’. That was fun hehe! I’m so glad I have all the posts about Jayden before I knew who he was. It was fun to read back on all that stuff.

I’m bored this morning. Saturdays I get caught up on blogging and reading and such so it’s leaving nothing for Sundays. I’ll groom Jayden in a bit. The game isn’t on till 10:40 though the pregame will start at 10:10. And then I’ll decide later to listen to the archive or not.

I’ve been grooming Jayden every other day. He’s just shedding something awful. Hehehe he’s dream wagging against my leg right now lol.

I need to check out this place in town that is a do it yourself grooming place. Jayden is gonna need a bath soon I think. GDB told me that regular grooming will keep him from needing baths all that often, and that too many baths will dry his skin. But it’s been about four months since his bath at school. The do it yourself place helps you learn everything, and they’ll do nail trimming. So it sounds pretty cool. Petsmart would take him from me for an hour to groom him. I’m just not cool with that.

Ok this isn’t supposed to be a doggy diaries post but I can’t blog without talking about Jayden. I suppose it’s not really a diaries post since I’m just thinking out loud about what I want to do. Yeah.

Alrighty, this is getting boring.

Just checked the weather. It’s 86 degrees and 44 percent humidity. 44?? That’s freakin high for AZ. No wonder my wrists ache. Monsoons, please hurry.


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  1. Yeah straight up heat sucks, but humidity sucks too.

    Hey, sounds like you’ve found a do it yourself bathing spot like I have. shweet! The jaybay is probably due for a bath. Dude, I can’t believe it’s been 4 months since class. That doesn’t seem possible. Yeah I hate having someone else have the trixter for an hour. Na, no good.

    I hope the humidity breaks soon for your sake.

  2. Ro

    Yeah I just need to find it. A friend from Saavi went there but she just moved. I don’t remember the name of it haha. I’m sure Google will help.

    Yeah June 17 will be four months since dog day. Hard to believe! And he’s 2 on Thursday. Can’t wait to go to Petsmart and get the toys people recommended. It’s going to be so fun! Remember how on the list everyone said wait to buy stuff until after you have your dog? Yeah, it’s like between getting used to having a dog and learning all the routes, I just forgot about toys. I’ve gotten him a new nylabone since we got home but then I totally spaced on toys and didn’t know what to get, and then I’m at Petsmart and my concentration is all over the place and I just forget. So he’s got his two Nylabones, a goughnut and a Kong. I feel so bad! Oh and a tug rope, which we only use sparingly. And the tug ring that he’s lost interest in again.

  3. Ah I’m sure he’s content. After all, he’s got the biggest, most fun and interactive one to play with, and that’s you! And that’s better than any toy he could ever want.

  4. Ro

    He’s not even much of a player. We’ll play for like five minutes and then he’s happy just laying on the floor with me. He gets bursts of energy and then wants to be lazy again. He’s a great cuddler.

  5. Anonymous

    Call me a snob, but I’ve heard really bad things about Petsmart and Petco. Fleas, inexperienced staff, etc.

    No way, not my dog!

    I also happen to be a fan of supporting the local mom and pops shops. They are knowledgeable and passionate about animals. And not a big chain store!

    I bath my dog at a local do it yourself shop and I love it. I’ve used the very same tub since I started going there (I’ve only had to wait for it once – and one other time a lady moved just for me – ahhh). They give me half price for service animal discount and I still qualify for 6 baths get one free! I love that place. And our next bath is the free one. I choose to use my own soap but they have great natural soaps there and they even give every dog a blueberry facial. It must taste great becuase doggie just licks and licks and licks – lol.

    Good luck in finding a good place. Once you get the right spot, you’ll be so happy.


  6. Ro

    I’m actually going to call the grooming place tomorrow and find out if they have the toys I want. They use all natural stuff too and carry toys and collars and such. If they have what I want, I might just do that on Thursday, groom him and buy his birthday presents all there. That would be totally sweet. So far I’ve been impressed with the staff at Petsmart and they have a scale I can use. Maybe the grooming place has one. Hmmm. It’ll be interesting to call them tomorrow and find out what all I can accomplish there.

  7. I hear you about the humity. It’s been horridly hot and humid here and my muscles have been feeling it. Ugh. Not fun and I’ve lived here my entire life and still not used to it.

    I use a do it yourself bathing place in the winter, it’s really great and the owner is awesome. In the warmer weather I just bath with the hose on the deck.

  8. We’ve been in St. George so have a sense of the intense heat you are going through — whew it is exhausting. Fun to have recorded the Insert posts … now Jayde – sounds like you guys are a great pair. Agree, nice to get a groomer/place you feel good about and can trust.

  9. Wow, had no idea the humidity *ever* got to 40% in AZ. The things we learn by reading your blog posts!
    And yes, you can trim your own hair. You might want to try twisting it, you know, as if you were wringing your own hair, then just cut off the ends that don’t make the twist. That, or you could braid it, then just cut off the bottom under the rubber band. Good luck!

  10. Ro

    It’s only 9am and it’s 96 degrees, only 24 percent humidity though. Jayden has actually started making his excited squeal in the mornings when we’re almost home from the walk. You know it’s bad when a dog can’t wait to get inside.

    I trimmed my hair yesterday, but I didn’t think to twist it or braid it. That’s a good idea; too bad I didn’t wait until I saw your comment haha!

  11. Hey!! Got time for a visitor today?

  12. Ro

    Got some stuff going down right now. Call me when you’re off.

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