Want to help me write a short story?

I had this idea yesterday and decided to post it today since I need a little writing project to take my mind off some things.

So remember when I took that writing course? Well, there was a writing challenge that wasn’t part of the class. The challenge was to write a one thousand word or less short story with a beginning, middle and end including three objects, which were given to us by one of the mentors.

The three objects were an empty glass, a blanket and a t.v stand. I wrote a short story including those three objects and briefly posted it on the blog, but JayNoy told me if I ever wanted to publish it, it couldn’t already be published anywhere.

The story involves two sober people and one of their challenges. Some of my friends told me I should try submitting it to a sober magazine and I just inquired to see if they’d be interested, but they don’t take fiction.

So I thought, I want to write something for the blog that will just be for the Roof, not something I’d plan to try publishing. Then I thought, I could do a writing challenge on the blog. I just need three objects.

So here’s where you come in. Leave me a comment with three objects. Any objects. Just not a blanket, empty glass or t.v stand lol. I’ll take comments through Friday. Then I’ll have B or someone who doesn’t read the blog pick a number between 1 and hover many comments I get.

I’ll list the comments in a text document in case there are other comments without objects.

I’ll have the number selected on Saturday and give myself one week to write a short story with a thousand words or less which will include the three winning objects, and post it here. Sound like fun? I think so. It’ll be great practice for me and I’ll get to share something with you all, since I’ve never posted any of my fiction here.

Ok, get commenting! You have until the end of Friday! 😉

Reminder, submissions for the next Assistence Dog Blog Carnival are due by January 17th. Click here for details.


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21 Responses to Want to help me write a short story?

  1. Herm. Thinkthinkthink. This is harder than it should be. My mind keeps settling on a chari, a napsack and a phone. Have no idea why.

  2. Ro

    Yay! I’ve been dying for comments haha!

    Now if whomever picks the number picks number 1 lol. I might try a number generator thing like some people do for their stuff, but not sure how accessible they are.

    Nice objects by the way. It’s amazing what can be written around just three objects. 😉

  3. Ro

    Wait, do you mean cherry? LIke the red berry? Cuz you wrote chari? Is that something else?

  4. no. Piss I’m out of it. Chair.

  5. Hmm, I agree with Karen that is really difficult, can one of my things be a animal? If so panda would be first, then..hmm…a leash and then hmm…a guitar and if panda won’t count then how about washing machine? lol..have fun with those lol..hope I get picked!

  6. Ro

    Oh Chair hahaha! Got it.

    Panda is fine. 😉 I’m gonna start calling you Amandapanda. 😉

  7. Steve is still too tired, but he wanted me to submit these on his behalf. A squirrel, a refrigerator box and a stop sign. These things floated through his mind while he’s been sleeping pretty deep and trying to fight off this beastly flu. If a squirrel won’t work, then he says a watch. Boy, you’re getting some weird options.

  8. Aww, I used to be called that when I was little, I just thought of panda’s since I’m writing a research paper over Giant Pandas…now lets see who gets picked! lol

  9. L^2

    Elephant, Winter, Purple

  10. Ro

    This is too fun! I hope we get some more!

  11. Sounds like fun – here are 3 random things that came to my mind:
    Polka dots, camera, music

    Good luck!

    Rudy’s Raiser

  12. Ro

    Yay! Thanks! 🙂

  13. pencil, dolphine, rock

  14. mountain, string, goldfish bowl

  15. Ro

    Thanks so much guys!!! I’m gonna try to get either a baseball player or an author on Twitter to select the number. 😉

  16. Oh, David? That would be awesome if he would pick! Maybe you should ask him to have Astro pick? lol

  17. Ro

    Yeah I’m hoping David. It’ll be just my luck he won’t be tweet crazy tomorrow lol.

  18. A necklace, a nose and a paranoid homeless person.

  19. oh sorry – i did a person, not an object… if you don’t like the homeless person use a bowl of noodles.

  20. Ro

    The deadline for objects had been last night but I’m extending it due to recent circumstances here in Arizona. When I feel like coming back to this project, I’ll have a third party pick a number. Feel free to keep submitting objects.

  21. Ro

    Ok, I need to try writing and haven’t had any luck, so I’ll try this now. I’ll have Georgie pick a number in a bit. Natalie I went ahead and added your first comment to the list, so we have 8 submissions.

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