@VCCarin @TheVomitComet a #twest

Since my blog is linked with Twitter now, I’m curious to see what happens if you use Twitter commands in the subject line.

Update: After waiting for the post to show up, I got my answer. I just wanted to see if the Twitter commands would work when used in the title of the post, and they do. 😉


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6 Responses to @VCCarin @TheVomitComet a #twest

  1. Looks like diddly doo nuttin’.

  2. Ro

    Right, it does nothing here, but on Twitter it did. It mentioned you guys because I did the @ sign in the subject. It looks silly on the blog, but o Twitter it makes sense. And when my Evan Longoria post shows up there, you’ll see why I wondered if it would work. If he ever looks at his Twitter, he’d see it.

  3. Wonder if comments in the body would do the same?

  4. I get what you were trying to do…just took me a while to get there lol.

  5. Ro

    In the body of the comments here? Nah, cuz this text doesn’t appear on Twitter. The subject works because that text appears on Twitter.

  6. I meant to say commands in the body of the post but I see the flaw in that too.

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