Update: Guide dog in trunk story

Click here for my first post on this story.

It turns out the cabbie’s license was revoked after he told a blind woman to put her guide dog in the trunk of his cab due to his dog allergy. Thanks Carin, for the update.

I’m glad action was taken against the cabbie for this cruel incident. However, the story does not end here. As I ranted about in my first post on this issue, the handler is equally, if not more so, to blame.

She could have turned this into a learning experience for the cabbie. We know nothing about him, except that he has K9 allergies. We don’t know if he was incredibly ignorant, as well as being cruel, or if he really just didn’t see what the big deal was. Who knows. Most of us have the first reaction of, how could you put any living thing in the trunk of a car, but we all know there are all kinds of people in this world.

Could he have learned from this situation if the handler had done what she should have, explained the laws to him, informed him about animal cruelty, went back into her home and filed a complaint after canceling or rescheduling the appointment she was late for. We’ll never know, since she allowed her dog to be placed in the trunk.

Carol and I were discussing this and when we talked about who was the one to lift the dog into the trunk, we were sickened to think that the handler must have done it if the cabbie was so allergic. Repulsive.

This cabbie might have been suspended for the suggestion had the handler not gone along with it. The cabbie might have been educated after being reprimanded. Instead, he’s lost his job and the article about it still places all the blame on him, turning the cruel handler into a victim simply because she’s blind.

There are rumors the school is investigating, but since nothing is solid I won’t name the possible school until we know more. Hopefully we will find out more.

What are your thoughts? Am I strange to feel some sympathy for this cabbie’s ignorance? Perhaps I try to find good in people and hope he isn’t really as cruel as we all think he must be. I have no empathy for the handler because she can’t possibly be that ignorant and foolish. The training we receive teaching us how to care for these dogs makes it impossible for me to believe she’s anything but incredibly selfish.

I just hope the poor dog is ok.


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  1. What a selfish woman!
    If I was that dog I would of been deathly scared!

  2. I am now following your blog after reading this post and your first one on the same situation. My name is Valarie, I live in Michigan and I have a mobility impairment called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. I also have a service dog. I agree with you 100% on the guide dog in the trunk story and your post was so well written. I hope I learn about about guide dogs and blindness from your blog (and from the looks of it, also baseball!)

  3. Ro

    Ah welcome! Glad you found my little home here. I write about everything and anything, but definitely mostly guide dogs and baseball haha!

    I’ll have to see if I can check out your blog as well, though Live Journal tends to give me fits. 😉

  4. Anonymous

    i tried to post about this initially, but my computer is acting up, cause it’s old 🙁 pobrecito.

    I was hot, red hot, about it in the beginning, but there have been lots of interesing conversation over on GDUI yahoo group about it all week. Lots and lots of sincere and level headed folks have said a lot of things that make a lot of sense.

    And now I’m not so hot.

    It has been confirmed that the school is on top of the situation and it is being handled. I trust this school, so I’m just going to trust that whatever this school decides for the handler and the dog is the right thing to do.

    I couldn’t be happier that the driver has been punished.

    And I hope anyone and everyone will learn from this ladies mistakes so that a poor dog never has to go through a horrible ordeal like that again.


  5. Ro

    Has any one of the posters posted anything in sympathy for the handler? I’m just curious if any light has been shed on her decision. I’m glad the driver was punished too, though I still feel like he could have been educated. It’ll be interesting to see any further developments.

  6. Anonymous

    Hi Ro:

    I wouldn’t say that there has been “sympathy” expressed for the handler, but certainly a lot of the opposite of harsh judgement (whatever that word is LOL)

    I said there were a lot of level headed folks that made a lot of comments that made sense. They were encouraging folks not to judge her so harshly (because some people went balistic). There are a lot of first time handlers that have very low self esteem, or get very rattled when they are denied service for the first time. Lots of things can affect a person’s decision making abilities (low blood sugar, side effects from medication, etc.)

    Nobody thinks that it wasn’t a grave error on her part, but many made a point to wonder what it is like to walk a mile in her shoes.

    This woman doesn’t belong to the GDUI list and as far as I know nobody on the list knows her personally (at least nobody has spoken up and said so).

    The person that posted, just this morning, that the school is involved is the advocacy commitee chairperson for GDUI.

    I suspect the school will utilize this situation to absolutely educate the driver and probably the cab company that he worked for and other cab companies in the area. I wouldn’t even be surprised to see it as a stronger and more effective topic in class (role playing)- I’m thinking the effects of this will be far reaching.


  7. Ro

    I’ve wondered too what extenuating circumstances might be up with the handler. My sighted friends have asked the same questions, none of us able to believe she made that decision without some kind of pressure or something. There’s gotta be more to the story. So GDUI is the school? I hope they’re able to settle matters and make sure the best thing happens for both her and her dog.

  8. Anonymous

    GDUI stands for Guide Dog Users Inc. You can check out their website here:


    GDUI Provides support, advocacy and education to blind and visually impaired people who work with guide dogs. -GDUI Website.

    You can join for $15 per year and that also makes you a member of ACB. They also have a yahoo group that doesn’t require the paid membership if you just want to get online and chat with a bunch of cool and many times (the part I enjoy the most) seasoned guide dog users from ALL of the schools. It’s very cool.

    Unfortunately, she is from our school, Ro.


  9. Ro

    Haha duh is me! I can’t keep track of all the guide dog schools and just thought that was another one lol. Why are they investigating? Are they some kind of watching party over all the schools or something? Has our school said anything yet?

  10. Anonymous

    GDUI is not investigating. The Chairperson for advocacy has just talked to a trusted source and found out that the school is investigating. If you are a member of GDUI you can go to them for any types of issues that you have, for support, advise or a shoulder to cry on. I turned to them when we got attacked by a loose dog, for instance. Just one more way to support us, beyond our own schools.

    Our school hasn’t said anything yet, as far as I know, but I haven’t been on the GDUI list yet today. I hope they will say something to us grads, but I’m not sure they will.

    If I hear anything more, I’ll let you know.


  11. Ro

    Think I’ve got it now haha! Apparently all the wheels in my head aren’t quite turning lol! I used to be on a guide dog list but the volume just got to be way too much. I’ll keep it in mind if I ever need it though.

    Thanks for keeping your ear to the wall. 😉

  12. There must have been something up with the handler. I bet she never thought her actions could have such a detrimental effect though! I still think she should have thought first if she could in fact make the decision.


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