Twenty Cool Things About Being Blind

I was wondering what to write about today when this random idea popped into my head, so I quickly jotted down a list of things that are cool about being blind:

1. Not seeing horrible sports injuries replayed over and over and over again.

2. Laying in bed or on the couch in pretty much any comfortable way while watching TV since looking at the screen is not required.

3. Being able to control a computer from anywhere in the house with just wireless headphones and keyboard. I rarely sit in a desk chair anymore.

4. Saving a lot of money on electricity since lights are not required.

5. Always looking twenty-nine in my mind.

6. Guide dog Jayden. ‘Nuff said.

7. No more paying for car insurance, gas and repairs.

8. Audio files are so much smaller than video files.

9. Not being forced to see all the images the media wants everyone to see.

10. Not seeing pics of food.

11. Hands free snuggled up eyes closed reading.

12. Food tastes good no matter how it looks.

13. No one judges me for eating with my hands. Or if they do, I just don’t care. Because they are mean.

14. Everyone is beautiful in my head.

15. I don’t see the faces of people after tragedies.

16. I don’t see destruction and poverty, pollution, trash, bruises.

17. I no longer judge my body by how I see others’ bodies.

18. My baseball games are never ever blacked out since all I need is radio.

19. I’ve never had to see skinny jeans.

20. Being able to do the morning ritual without opening sleepy eyes.

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  1. Vee

    Beautiful! I love that you have humor and gratitude, when I am unsure how I would react to losing my eyesight.
    Stumbled across your blog, and will make time to catch up on your past posts. I can’t wait to get to “know” you thru your posts.
    Have a wonderful day…you sure brightened up mine!


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