Trying the new @Blogger interface using Chrome

Is this wear the post goes?

Oh maybe it is, since enter gave me line breaks like I told it to in some options I found. I’m trying the new Blogger interface using Chrome since they have forced the switch on me again. Did this work? If so, it seems like it’s the text edit field under the toolbar full of unlabeled buttons, if any VO users stumble upon this post.

The lables button works, but my link chooser doesn’t see the lables. Looks like I can label.

So did this make a post? Let me preview. If so I’ll post.

If this posts, it works with Voiceover using Google Chrome. It’s just a major pa

Ok wow, can’t edit typos at all. I usually compose in a text document and paste anyway so that’s not a huge issue, but typos will just have to stay in this if it posts.

Oh geez, can’t hide labels now so now I’ve gotta hunt for the post button. Bugger that I’ll just use my rotor.


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3 Responses to Trying the new @Blogger interface using Chrome

  1. Yeah the post works. I tried posting but when i entered nothing happened.

    I think it is just a major fail.

    Take care, xxx.

  2. Ro

    Blogger didn’t make you solve a captcha to post, did it? I really hope not.

  3. You have a post. Thought it was going to stop at major pa. But nope. let’s see if I get captchaed. They didn’t turn captchas on our comments so one can hope they respected your settings.

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