Going on a trip during NaBloPoMo is a bummer. I’m wishing I had done scheduled posts so I wouldn’t have to think enough to write anything right now. B and I drove to San Diego today. The trip was uneventful except for going on a road trip for the first time with a guide dog haha. I had a nice mat that we bought at Petsmart down on the floor of the foot well so things were more padded for Jayden. He was probably more comfortable than I was since I wanted to make sure he had enough room. My feet and legs definitely found themselves in some awkward positions haha.

After the first rest stop Jayden was panting a lot and not wanting to settle. I started to get concerned until B moved all the air to the foot well and Jayden curled up and took a nap. I’m thinking about having both of us ride in the back seat together on the way back so he can stretch out and cuddle with me. We’ll see.

He’s happily napping now. B and I just had take out dinner in the room. Fish tacos and California rolls for me yum!

I’m exhausted so I’ll post this and lay back to relax. This is reminding me of when I posted from guide dog school haha!

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