Treating myself

My family is quite generous for Christmas and my birthday, which is this Wednesday. For years now, they’ve just done money because they don’t know what to get me. Usually, I use the money to get caught up on bills, or get things I desperately need. I rarely treat myself. I am quite frugal. My idea of a treat is a bottle of body spray or a candle. So I’m kinda shocked at myself this year haha!

Call it retail therapy, or just call it treating myself, but either way, I can finally admit that I deserve to splurge and be a little irresponsible. So I hit Amazon 🙂

I got a new bed set, which I’m taking a gamble on, as there were no customer reviews. I’ve always wanted a down comforter with one of those douve covers, however you spell it. Well, Amazon had a crazy sale on an imitation down comforter with douve cover so I ordered it. I’m praying it’s good, since I usually rely on reviews for product descriptions. But the retail amount was high so I doubt anyone wanted to spend the money before it was on sale, so I’m glad I caught the sale. The only thing I’m not happy about is it’s a full/queen and those usually just barely fit a queen bed. It also didn’t include a bed skirt. The color is chocolate and my bed skirt is chocolate, so hopefully it’ll be ok, not that it matters all that much.

this morning I shopped for all new bathroom stuff. When I moved in here over 2 years ago, I had plans for the bathroom that never came to be. I had this framed puzzle that my mom had done of an Anne Geddes picture of a baby in a sunflower outfit, matted in sage green. So I was gonna do the bathroom in green and yellow. I also have this green heart shaped thing my mom gave me years ago. But it just never happened. I use a clear shower liner and old ratty towels. So today, I went shopping hehe!!!!

I decided on green and purple. So I found a sage green bath sheet with glowing reviews, and I built off of that. I got a purple bath towel for my hair, and a sage green and a purple hand towel to layer on the opposing towel bar. Then I found a sage green fabric shower curtain so I can actually just use the liner as a liner. Unfortunately no purple shower curtains. Then I found a plum bath rug. I don’t keep rugs on the floor, so I’ve been using an old beach towel to lay down on the floor to soak up water. Then I thought hmmm. Maybe they have purple curtain rings. I found a set of lilac shower hooks! Then I got a brushed stainless steel wastebasket with a lid. I’ve been using my dad’s insanely old lime green plastic wastebasket from the seventies haha! So I’m so excited to redo my bathroom. I haven’t placed the order just yet; waiting for monies to clear so I know where I’m at.

The third present I bought myself is the one that really shocks me, that I allowed myself to buy it. Years ago, my mom gave me an opal ring that had been in her family for years. She had hidden it from my aunt because she wanted me to have it. Well, my ex-husband took it. And out of all the things I lost back in the day, I mourn that ring the most.

So I was browsing silver rings on Amazon yesterday, just gonna buy a really cheap silver ring, but I decided to click on gemstones and long story short, found an absolutely ridiculous sale on this one brand of jewlery. I found 3 styles of opal ring in white gold with diamond accents. I shopped around and looked at all of their opals but these by far were the best deal. Seriously, if I owned a business and I was doing a sale, I think I would be afraid to mark things down eighty percent, even if only for 4 days. Yep, eighty percent off for 4 days only. Wow. So I started comparing the three different rings and poor B had to try and describe them. I had to look up what the heck a “pave setting” is, since I don’t know much about jwelery. I found out it’s like a mosaic type setting, where the jewels are much closer together than with prongs. So that’s the one I ordered. I’m so incredibly happy to somehow sort of replace that opal ring. So that’s what I bought myself for my birthday.

I shared about what B got me briefly yesterday. The angel necklace. I just love it! I was feeling it up yesterday and had B describe it better. The angel is in profile, in white gold, holding a yellow gold heart. Her halo serves as the thing the chain goes through. There are tiny diamonds making up her skirt. I can’t wait to show Georgie and get a girl to describe it.

B also got me the Susan Boyle cd and the Duma Key audio book. He is very much enjoying his monitor, and is going to get a desk shair today.

I’m also going to be getting a used Perkins braille writer that Carin found. So that will be sweet. It’s another incredible deal! I’m also hopefully going to get some kind of purple and/or green picture from L^2’s gallery for the bathroom.

I’m so enjoying treating myself rather than just getting the necessities for once this year. None of it is all that extravagant, but actually believing I deserve it is a pretty big deal 😉


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  1. Treat away Ro, treat away! Haha, good for you for actually doing it. I never use all my Christmas money on just me.. I should do it this year. lol You have inspired me to be selfish with my money. I think I see shoes in my near future haha. Good luck with your bathroom, it sounds great!

  2. L^2

    Yay, I’m glad you’re treating yourself to some nice new things. You definitely deserve it. I’m really frugal too, but I gave in and got new bed and bath things around this time last year and it was so worth it. 🙂

  3. Yay, so happy you are treating yourself! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday.

  4. YAY for treating oneself!!! That’s great! Sounds like you got some really great deals!

  5. I’m frugal, too. My idea of a splurge on myself is new socks or undies. But I’m glad you went hog wild! I love new linens. They last a long time, so you got a lot of bang for your buck. And the ring and angel necklace sound lovely!!

  6. Nothing wrong with treating yourself. I’m not sure how it happens, but every year when I’m doing the Christmas shopping a few things always somehow manage to fall into the cart for me. Strange.

  7. Wow Ro! You shopper you! lol

    You and my dad share the same birthday! How cool is that? My son celebrated his 14th birthday yesterday, so you can imagine the week we’ve had.Topped with 2 feet of snow!! 🙂

    I’m glad you had a Merry Christmas and now it’s time to say Happy New Year!!!! *hugs*


  8. oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! lol

  9. Ro

    This year things are definitely falling into my cart haha!! Nothing has shipped yet though. Stupid holiday mail haha! I want my stuf! At this rate I’ll have mackages coming for most of January, since I ordered from different sellers.

    JayNoi, ah, Capricorns rule 😉 Glad you’re getting all your snow!

  10. ahem…ARIES rule, but since it’s your birthday, I’ll let you rule for a spell! lol

  11. Sounds like a whole lot of fun.

    Oh I hope you get the brailler soon too. I was just thinking about that the other day.

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