Trade talk, a sweep and my telekinetic power

Today the Rays closed out the four game series against the Tigers with a four game sweep. Nice! Carlos Pena drove in all four runs, thanks in part to the Tiger’s first baseman. I find it funny that we kept intentionally walking him because his bat is dangerous, and then he screws up twice at first base. Ha! And he couldn’t break up Garza’s no hitter. Boo ya!

Anyway, very exciting last four days. They were all close games except for the no no obviously, but that had the old heart pumping too.

Next, the Yankees come to town for three days. The Trop is sold out. Everyone hoping to see A-Rod get his six hundredth homer? Man, I hope that doesn’t happen.

As it stands, the Rays are a game and a half back. We could gain some serious ground here. Sucks that Price won’t take the mound since he pitched today. He picked up his fourteenth win today. Sweet!

The game was way early this morning, so now I’m waiting to catch the Yankees at Indians. Lets go Indians!

I can’t wait till all this trade crap is over. I’m furiously checking Twitter, but I know that the Rays are very secretive, and all this speculation is probably nothing. The latest tweet read: “Hellickson pulled after 3 innings at Durham.” So everyone is speculating that we’ve traded Wade Davis and will bring Hellickson up. Ok, how bout, I hope not.

Davis is scheduled to pitch tomorrow. He is a rookie, but a rookie who has been pitching in the majors. Hellickson looks great in the minors yeah, but he’s pitching to minor leaguers. Think we’ll bring him up to make his major league debut against the Yankees?

Ok, we did that with Price. But Price had pitched in major league games. Think Red Sox for the ALCS title?

I don’t know. The thought of both Davis and Hellickson is nervous making, at least for the Yankees series. Not to mention the fact that it starts on the day after today, the day before Saturday, the fifth day of the week.

Back to the trade talk. Everyone says we need a bat. Really? What about if some of our guys start to heat up, like um, oh I don’t know, Carlos Pena? Who drove in all four runs today? What happens when he makes pitchers nervous so they quit pitching around Evan Longoria to get to Pena? What happens when they’re both scary? And Jason Bartlett is looking better, and what about Matt Joyce? Dude is realizing he’s at home and as he gets more comfortable, look out.

If we want to get a bat, who do we give up? Davis? Bring up Hellickson to take his place? Or put him in the bullpen and make Sonny a starter again? And who’s gonna go with Davis? Upton? Zo could be great in center, but who would take his place in right? Who has a strong enough arm?

I say we trade no one. Why give up prospects? The Rays have a great farm system. Do you really want to get rid of any of them? Want a bat? Why not see how Desmond Jennings does?

I don’t want to bring in some name just because he’s a name and then say he doesn’t mesh well with our guys or hates the DH roll. Lets keep it as is. Rotating who we already have in the DH spot.

I don’t want a trade. I just don’t.

Ok, those are my two cents. I just can’t wait until the trade stuff is over. I don’t like the uncertainty of it all.

K, focusing on the Yankees now. Let’s get at least a Meatloaf series guys, at least. However another sweep would be freakin awesome.

Go Rays!

Oh, I think Evan sensed my plea for insurance runs last night. I twittered that I just wanted a couple insurance runs, but I’d settle for one, and he hit a two run homer. Yeah, I have that much power. 😉

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  1. Deadline time is always interesting and annoying. At least for the first time in several years the Jays have a GM that it seems we can trust to do the right things for the future of the team. That said, if he trades Jose Bautista I may just have to kill him. I don’t think we need to go nuts and fork out Alex Rios or Vernon Wells type money to keep him like J.P. would have done, but there’s got to be a happy medium that would allow us to keep him and see if his numbers hold up. I get rebuilding, but you need guys to build around, and I think there are a few of those already here.

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