Torie starts training today!

Torie is off to the hotel for two weeks to train with Ushi!! Way to go, Torie!

She’s in Ireland, if you remember me mentioning her before.

She was already matched with her dog on a few walks with the guide dog mobility instructors from her school. Now she’s off to train for two weeks at a hotel, where she just had orientation. After the two weeks, the training continues at home, where she’ll learn routes with her instructors and then qualify. Once she qualifies, she and Ushi will be a certified team. Really cool to see how it’s done!

She’ll be updating as much as she can while in class, so be sure to check out her blog. You can find her on my blog roll. It’s called, “The average blog by an average blogger” though I think she’s anything but average.

Go Torie!! Have lots of good craig and give that girl lots of hugs from Jayden and me!


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  1. Go Torie. It’s really weird. I was looking back at your entries, and so many of the commands sound like the ones they used at the other school I went to, like “straight on”. Have lots of fun, and I hope you and Ushi turn into an awesome team like I know you will.

  2. Oh thank you so so much for the great message. I will deffinetly keep you all updated, and i will tell Ushi that “auntie Ro says hi!”. Uncle Jayden could maybe teach her the tricks of the trade! That is if she can sneak onto the computer without me knowing!!!!!!!

    I have so many great people. Only one more sleep to go!!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and thanks again!

  3. Ro

    Oh I thought you started today? Guess I got confused. You said one more sleep yesterday hahaha!

  4. Ro – thanks for sharing. This is exciting, Torie. Wishing you the very best and do keep us posted. We are cheering you on.

  5. Yep cause that was after midnight when I posted that comment lol.

    I hope so Carren. I just have a habbit of beating myself up if something goes wrong. I always think that i don’t focus and that is why the mistakes happen.


  6. I know. I beat myself up too. Just remember. You’re a team. It takes *two*. So just because something goes wrong, it’s not your fault. And you’re learning something very complicated!

  7. I suppose. It will be hard for the dog too. Plus the dog will pick up if i am stressed, so must remember not to get too stressed. Xxxx

  8. Hi Ro, I’ve been reading your blog since last year. I’ve made a few comments since then but I haven’t been able to work out the comment frame thingy. But today I commented to Tori’s blog through the Name/URL instead of the WordPress profile. So hopefully this will work and you’ll see the comment this time!

    I’m glad you and Jayden are a really good team! And same for Tori with Ushi too! Keep up the good work people and guide dogs!

    Yesterday a bus driver said to me “Good girl! And good dog!” so I said “Good girl slash dog!” Lol I thought that was quite funny. Oh well I’m closing this comment now so could you let me know if this works?



  9. Ro

    Affirmative, Captain. 🙂

    Glad you were able to comment! Welcome!

  10. Thanks Ro, glad to hear from you!

    Have just read today’s post and hope this sad time ends. I’ve had lots of very sad times as a blind person myself, concerning how I should be treated, glitches in the school system and now the University system where I don’t feel fairly treated as a student, etc etc. But I couldn’t imagine what having an autoimmune, or other illness for that matter, on top of life stresses might be like. These are just some of the things I consider when I think of all the troubles other people must put up with every day, yet I sit and complain about the smallest things all the time lol! If you check my blog list, you’ll find some blogs on there that have also made me think of how lucky I actually am. Well, we’re all lucky to a point in that regard I guess.

    all I can say is, hang in there and now that I can comment to you I’ll cheer you up whenever you need it!


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