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Writing this really quickly, apparently we are in for one hell of a crazy storm. In case we lose power, I want to let you all know why I disappeared, if I disappear. Hopefully we won’t. The airport is shut down though. Ick. Ok, I’m gonna go eat now. Just wanted to make sure I get this posted since B just got home and told me.


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  1. Ro

    Ok B was exaggerating as usual I think. The airport wasn’t closed, but one of his co-worker’s family couldn’t fly in so he assumed that meant our airport was closed. There are some crazy storm warnings though. I tend to run with things when they freak me out and I run to make sure I’m all prepared, like letting my online family know what happened in case I’m off for a bit hehehe. Obviously I’m just a little nervous. It’s times like these I wish I could have a drink or twenty. Ah well, this 2 shall pass.

  2. You guys must get crazy storms to get you that worried. It’s like when we have blizzards here, people go to the supermarket and buy the place out!

  3. Ro

    Wed on’t really, no. That’s why it’s freaky when they do this with warnings and stuf because we’re not used to it. The summer after I went blind, we had a window get blown in, so I don’t like wind. But this is pretty rare in winter. We usually get the craziness in summer.

  4. ACK!! We have been having crazy storms here too! The fields around us are all flooded and I am worried about the cows! I don’t know where they all went! All roads leading to our house were closed at one point yesterday – trees down and floods all around! Still raining, but at a slower rate, so the water is thinning out some. Hopefully, it stays this way through the remaining storms coming this week. I would tell you about our short power loss, but the last time I said anything about us being lucky in that arena, the power immediately went out. ugh!

    Good luck through your storm!

  5. This has been a weird and crazy weather year already, and it’s only January? EEK!

    I’m always getting scolded because I like snow and when we get blasted with 40 MPH winds and two feet of snow with temps dipping down to minus thirty seven, they say, “You asked for it!” NOOOOOOO I didn’t! I said I liked snow, geez give me a break! lol

    Storms bring uncertainty and you have a right to fret! When you can’t see what is coming to hit you, how do you know when to duck?

    Be safe Ro, I’ll keep you in my prayers.
    ((((family))) We’re family now! YAY! lol

  6. Ro

    Cassie, the ladies have disappeared?? Oh no! I hope they’re ok!

    JayNoi, things turned out ok last night. A tile got fripped off of Georgie’s roof and they lost power for a bit. She was literally blind for a good 20 minutes it was so dark. Her step son was scared so she had him take her arm and she guided him like she does me hahaha!

    We’re ok up on our end, but apparently we’re in for more today and tomorrow.

    And yes, I consider my Blogger peeps like family 🙂

  7. uh oh…I might burst into song here…
    Are ya with me peeps?

    “We ARE family…I got all my bloggers with me…hey hey hey…We are fam-i-ly..” LOL

  8. Ro

    Hehehehe toooo cuuuuute!

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