Timmy thinks I should practice

I had the alarm set for 8am so I’d have time to sit around and stuff before getting ready for the day. I fell asleep rather quickly last night and then B came in and didn’t know I was alseep and woke me up, then Fi was scratching at the door to get out, and then I slept again.

This morning Timmy decided to walk on my head. He never does that. Sometimes he’ll cuddle up with me and his purring will make me wake up a little but he’s cozy so I’ll cuddle up with him and pass back out. This morning he decided to literally walk on my head, and then plop down on the pillow, laying right on my hair. I grabbed him and moved him and he crawled right back on the pillow and purred. I didn’t know what time it was, because sometimes I can tell if its light out, but not all the time. The nature called so I stumbled to the bathroom and fell back into bed, but couldn’t fall asleep again. I lay there thinking he’s getting me ready for when I have a guide dog haha. Finally I checked the time and it was 6:30 so I said screw it and got up. I was really hoping for more sleep today.

Carol and I are going to the meeting place to hang out; they have meetings all day and a room full of food, so she’s gonna eat and I’m gonna drink coffee. Saving room for the buffet at 4 haha. I’m excited to wear my brown dress. Haven’t been able to wear it since April of last year. Hope it’ll be warm enough in the sun, since I’m wearing sandals lol. Gotta love the desert.

I’m kinda glad I was up early cuz I got to catch up with Carin and we were talking about exchanging braille letters, and she was telling me about getting a Perkins braille writer. They are expensive, but so much better than a slate and stylus, and well worth the cost. I can get it re-conditioned, so hopefully I’ll find one I can afford with Christmas money. That’ll be so cool, to exhange braille letters.

K, just fired this off quickly to get in my post for the day. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Oh, wanted to say congrats to Douglas for getting his person yesterday!!! WTG Emily!


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  1. Hope you had a good day and enjoyed lots of buffet food. Mmmm.

  2. Ro

    Well, I never want to eat again. I ate soooo much. I am food stoned. I can’t wait for bed 🙂

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