Three Rays Allstars

Third baseman Evan Longoria, left fielder Carl Crawford and pitcher David Price are all going to the Allstar Game.

Congrats guys! Have fun and don’t get injured. 😉


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  1. There were 3 Jays who made it too. The funny part is that 2 of them weren’t the guys that the radio broadcasts and the team emails were pushing for.

  2. Ro

    Maddon is surprised that our closer, Soriano, didn’t get in. He’s only got one blown save and the only reason for it is a ball went by Evan Longoria. My announcers seem to think Soriano will get the bid this week somehow.

    There were four Allstars on the field last night in Minnesota lol. Longoria and Crawford, and the M and M boys.

  3. I suppose he could, there are still a couple of roster spots left I think. Not sure if any of them are for pitching, but I could be wrong.

  4. Ro

    Yeah Andy and Dave were thinking along the lines of an injury getting him in, I guess kinda like how Buck got in to replace Martinez.

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