Three more ‘In Death’ books by J. D. robb – narrated by Susan Ericksen

I need to find a table dancer with a big dick and a tattoo.” – Eve Dallas from “Immortal in Death”

I was laying in bed listening to that book and when Eve Dallas said that I cracked up so hard that I emailed the quote to myself and decided I’d try and pull notable quotes for my book posts. I’ve been surprised how rare it’s been that a sentence stands out to me like that. I jotted down a quote from a book yesterday but that’s been it.

The quote above is just one of the reasons I love the In Death books. Eve Dallas is a kickass cop in the future, somewhat stereotypical, the beauty with the seriously messed up past who has turned her anger into a talent for solving crimes and protecting the innocent. But her character is just plain well written and well narrated. In my mind, Susan Ericksen is Eve Dallas and Peabody and Mavis and even the sexy Irish Roarke.

This series has become my fall back on books. Now that I’m all caught up with Harry Bosch, when I want a good detective novel I turn to Eve Dallas and her intriguing host of friends. Sometimes I just wish all the sex scenes were dialed back some hahaha! I’ve actually skipped through some of the romance between Dallas and Roarke, wanting to get back to the current crime or the relationships with the other characters who are all incredibly entertaining. I especially love Peabody, Eve’s protégé.

I didn’t give each of these books a rating as I jotted them down in my list but they all get at least an ‘entertaining’.

2. “Glory in Death” Audible ~ Amazon

3. “Immortal in Death” Audible ~ Amazon

4. “Rapture in Death” Audible ~ Amazon

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