Those Canadians are so friendly

Aw, imagine how nice it is to listen to your friends from the north on a recording as they revolute the guide dog and describe their patio and laugh. How nice to hear your friend’s voices, people you’ve never met. It was wonderful to get to the end and hear a reference to me. Aw, I love those Canadians. Especially Steve. He’s such a nice guy even when our teams are playing each other. How nice to hear him mention the Rays at the end of the clip. What a nice surprise.

He’s just lucky I can’t call Canada.


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7 Responses to Those Canadians are so friendly

  1. It’s a shame you can’t call here. It would be wonderful to hear from such a sweetheart of a person who would certainly have nothing but nice things to say to and about me.

  2. I’m glad the recording wasn’t boring hahaha. Silly Trix. She’s always good for a giggle. And then Steve had to go all jerk on ya.

  3. Jerk? I must say I’m offended by this unprovoked attack.

  4. Ro

    Yeah cuz the wee small one threatened to throw you off the balcony unless you made your little speech. Unprovoked my ass.

  5. She absolutely did! I would not tell a lie! I might be dishonest now and then, but lie…never!

  6. Good game. I can’t say that you beat us because our own bullpen beat us, but congrats on the win. It was hard to watch.

  7. Ro

    This was the first game I walked away from, only because I’m going through my own shit and couldn’t take it when the fifth run was scored. Eventually I came back into the same room to finish it out and I’m still quite shocked. I had written them off. Tomorrow you’re up against Price and he’s not been good his last two starts, so either he’s due, or he’ll continue to suck.

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