This thousandth post was supposed to be special and it still is in a different way

Ok so I had all sorts of plans for The Roof’s thousandth post but ya know, life loves getting in the way of plans. There’s so much I could write, mostly boring health stuff, everything’s ok but it’s been a roller coaster. I could write about the autographed baseball I got in the mail…bah ha ha! But there’s no time to make that as special a post as it deserves. It was going to make an awesome thousandth post but then I got ill and too apple sauce brained so that will have to wait but oh is it cool!!!

So instead, for the thousandth post I decided to just write something really quickly today totally spur of the moment and it can’t be anything special because I have to pack. Yep pack! Jayden and I are getting on a jet plane tomorrow to go see Chupa in Colorado and hopefully go to a Rays game!!! That’s totally weather permitting because of course, the weather in Colorado has decided to take a turn just in time for me to get there and then it’s going to warm up after I leave. We will most likely be landing in snow tomorrow! Snow!

The weeks leading up to this were getting hairy with my health but everything is turning out ok knock on wood so Jayden and I are blowing this warm popsicle stand for a freezing one weeee! Adventure!

I might put up some posts while we’re away using the WordPress app on my phone but I’m not sure. Wish us luck that the weather holds for the game, ok? Thanks.

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  1. Ceci

    1000 posts!!!!!
    That’s awesome!
    Good luck in Colorado!

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