This killin time

is killin me.

I might be hanging out with Kevin today, but he called around 11 and said he was golfing and it would be like 4 hours. So I don’t know if that means we’re hanging out 4 hours from 11 or what. I hate it when I’m all anxious and stuff. I get annoyed at days where my own company isn’t enough lol! Makes me feel needy for people, even though I know being with people and socializing is a good thing. Kevin is only in town for short amounts of time, so I like seeing him as much as possible. Saturday night he’s speaking at a meeting so I’m going, and my best friend Georgie (Kevin’s nickname for her hehe) and her boyfriend are doing a bbq before hand, so hopefully we’ll get to do that too. Yay! Its nice to have someone around with some time to chill. All my other friends are in school so they just never have time, and Carol has a worse time with her spoon drawer than I do.

I called my blindy friend earlier, my first ever blindy friend. I had lost her number and just got it again, so I was so hoping to catch up, but she wasn’t home. She was the first one to tell me about GDB, where she got her dog, the first dog I met of the guiding variety. So I’m excited to tell her I’ll be going at some point.

I’ve got no updates on school. Havne’t heard a word. Might have to follow up yet again and see if the paperwork was all sent in or what. As soon as I have an update, the subject line will have doggy diaries in it.

So I’m just killing time until I might be with a human. UPS dropped off B’s jacket today and the driver annoyed me. He knocked on the door, I open it and he’s walking away. I’m like, hello? He’s like, thank you! I’m like, what is it? He’s like, its right there! And drove away. Urgh. Yesterday another UPS driver came to deliver what I know now to be my street pack from GDB but he bang bang banged on the door so loud and so foreceful in my quiet morning that my heart stopped and my stomach dropped from being so starteled, so I didn’t answer the door. I assume its at the office. I thought about walking down the the office. I know how to get there. I just haven’t done it alone, and I don’t know how big the box will be that I have to carry while navigating with my cane. Man I can’t wait for my dog.

So, just listening to music and not really doing anything. I should be looking at braille but I don’t feel like it.

I don’t think this post has killed enough time.

The weather is really nice. Its actually a tad chilled in here right now. I’ve got my door open for some fresh air and its the first day it hasn’t been too warm to do this. I think winter is finally thinking about making an appearance. I wonder if I’ll get to wear any crochet scarves this year.

Well, I don’t have it in me to write a post about nothing, so I’ll sign off.


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  1. What a UPS dork. I had one that couldn’t figure out for the life of him why I didn’t know where to sign. He must have thought I was really dumb. Too bad he’s the dumb one.

    Getting on people’s tails sucks. Hopefully you see some paperwork progress soon.

  2. UGGG< UPS GUYS! My girlfriend actually met a UPS guy when he was delivering and started to date him! LOL So there must be a few goods ones out there!!! HEHEHE,, I'm sure they are all good!! Just busy this time of year, no time for waiting. They through my stuff in the driveway, not even near my door! That is why on all my deliveries I put down FRONT DOOR ONLY!!!
    Have a good night!

  3. Hey Ro, its so weird calling you that now. Just letting you know the GDB package isn’t that big.. just one of those big manilla envelopes with papers and stuff in it. That is if its what I’m thinking of. Sorry if its not lol. And as for the guy scaring you Darrell says he carries a pocket knife at all times just in case lol.

  4. Yeah the UPS and USPS people here do the same thing when delivering a package- knock or ring the bell then walk away as I’m answering the door. It’s like what on earth was the point of you knocking or ringing the bell if you aren’t going to stick around to see if I’m actually going to answer the door? Plus it gets me and the dogs all riled. Drives me crazy.

    Found your blog via L^2, really enjoy reading it! Also wanted to say congrats on your solo, that’s really awesome.

  5. Oh, I remember my first ‘blindy friend’ as you refer at school. We had so much fun together – she has moved but we still try to stay in touch.

  6. Ro

    I think I should call UPS and complain. Not so much about the guy walking away, fine. And I like it when they leave stuff right at the door. My neighborhood is safe, nothing’s gonna happen to it. But its the banging on the door that I think its rediculous. Anyone who’s home, blind or not, is gonna be hanging out doing whatever and them WAM WAM WAM! And its on a security door too, so its that echoing metallic sound and it drives me nuts. Anyway lol hehe.

    Katrin, welcome aboard! Thanks for the congratulations! I thought your name sounded familiar, must have seen ya on comments over at L^2’s place 🙂

  7. Ro

    Oops, forgot. This is what I get for trying to respond to comments right as I wake up while I’m still on my first cup of coffee hehe

    Natalie, I ordered a fairly large bag from GDB. And I have no idea how big a box it might be in. A backpack I ordered from amazon came in a ginormous box, so I don’t know what to expect with the street pack. Hopefully picking it up today.

  8. Oh ok haha nevermind then. Maybe you should take a wagon lol. Darrell has suggested this when he has to take the trash out haha. Just a thought.

  9. Ro

    got my package. I’m gonna be getting a cart for doing laundry and stuff. The box was definitely large, and would have been hard to handle so I’m glad I didn’t attempt it alone 😉

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