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Wow. I’ve been getting familiar with the F2K campus, reading FAQ’s and the syllabus and skimming over all my classmates’ intros. so much to absorb. A few months ago, I got an idea for a fairy tale and thought I might use it if I ever did F2K. So I started thinking about it more today and something happened in my head, and all that remains of that little tale are the two main characters. It’s like a story idea just bubbled up out of nowhere. It’s the weirdest thing! So I asked in my study group if we’d be using our ideas for the lessons and I’m still not sure how that will all work. I wanted to tell you, but didn’t want to hijack your blog, and I don’t have your email, so I chose to just shout out on here. I’m really excited about my idea, so much so that I had an idea earlier and had to run to the computer to jot it down. I’m basically just throwing words into a document, not forming anything, just getting the ideas down. It feels like a force has taken hold of my brain or something. It’s kinda scary. Is that normal???

Thank you so much for gently urging me to to do this class!!


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  1. You got the bug Ro! The writing bug has bitten you and now you can actually FEEL its affects.
    I knew you had it in you!

    And yes, these ideas that your jotting down will work for your lessons.
    A heads up, Lesson one will be about your character telling us about YOU.
    This helps give you so much insight into your character. 🙂 Find a name for you characters and let them loose!

    My email is

    I believe it is all over the net anyway, so go ahead, you can post this if you want.

    jnoi, who is so glad you’ve been bitten! 😉

  2. Ro

    Ooooh fun!! I already have my two main characters. They only had first names in my fairy tale idea, but I’ve come up with last names for them now too. So my character will be talking about me? Hehehe!!! It’s tempting to start writing, but I’ll wait until the lesson is posted. I’ve already gotten some interest for the next F2K, you said it was in July, right?

  3. I do believe registration has begun for the July 7th session. 🙂

    What have I created? lol You go girl! High Five!

    And yes, I’ll be mentoring that course too. 🙂 I just love it!

  4. Ro

    Oh sweet. I’ll have to let people know. My friend Carol is waiting to see what I think of it.

    I’m bummed I couldn’t chat tonight. 🙁

  5. A lot of people have a little trouble with the chat. It doesn’t like certain browsers, so it doesn’t let them in. Since I help at the helpdesk too, the requests come in over and over, “How do I get in!” lol
    I like to tell them to trick the system, put a 1,2,3 or something after your name at login.

    I was there, I try for Sundays.

    Carol will love F2k! Who wouldn’t? lol 🙂

    Wednesday is coming…


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