Thirty in Thirty

I’m firing this off really quckly because I’m brain dead and not gonna last much longer.

Apparently its blog awareness month or something, and we’re supposed to write a blog a day for thirty days. I think I already write a blog a day for the most part, so I don’t think it’ll be too hard.

I was gonna be cool and link to L^2’s blog because she’s the one who wrote the blog that got me to do this, but I seriously can barely think enough right now.

This happens with My Mess or the stupid MS. I get on a role for about a month like what happened when I decided to get a guide dog, and then I start to crash a little and I’m feeling that brain fog today.

I’ll try and remember to write another blog linking to her blog about the thirty in thirty especially cuz she wrote 2oo5 instead of 2005 and I really liked it cuz my screen reader actually said 2 oh oh 5.

Ok the Phillies just tied the Yankees. Phew.

Been reading blogs all weekend. Maybe thats part of my brain fog. It gets worse when I’m not very active. When will I ever learn?

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