Things are ramping up, getting busy

Today I start the workouts at Saavi. Its such a coolthing. They’ve had exersise machines donated to them, and they have two work out rooms. One is a weight room and the other, cardio. Today I’ll do an evaluation and some minor things, I think. Dave and I did O&M there on Friday, so I know my way around. I’ll be meeting with my idol, my role model. She is a gold medal winning parolympian in the sport of Goalball. Goalball is a sport for the blind, developed after WWI after the men came home blinded. Its a game played on a gym floor, with ropes laid down for positioning, and 2 goals. There are 3 people to a team, and its played kneeling on the floor, with a soccor sized ball with bells inside. The players try and score goals while not letting the other team score goals. When I found out about this girl, I was just in awe. I’ll be working with her for 6 weeks, while the other trainer, a sighted guy, does some blind fold training. I’m so excited to be working out, finally getting in shape. To have a safe place to work out is such a nice thing!

It is also very serendipitous how it happened. I was looking in to getting a guide dog last week, when I got the call for the exersise starting up. If I’m going to get a dog, I have to build up my stamina and this is getting me on my way.

I had gotten really fatigued a few weeks ago, mixed in with some depression, and it led me to take some time away from Saavi and rest. So, now I’m behind in my braille, which I have to catch up on tomorrow, for class on Wednesday. Time to get back in action, time to stop slacking. If I’m going to get a guide dog, there can be no more slacking lol.

The workouts are right along with the doggy diaries, but I didn’t title this under the doggy diaries yet because I want to start at the beginning on how that is developing. Right now I’m just getting used to blogging again haha. I don’t een think anyone is reading, so I feel like I’m just talking to myself hahaha! I don’t feel like going back and editing, so I won’t 😉

Oh yeah, talking about Goalball reminds me of something I just recently realized. Most of the “blind stuff” like guide dogs, canes, blind sports etc, seem to have come to fuition because of the blinded servicemen from WWI. I remember talking to someone about horrible events like wars and hurricanes and stuff, and how one finds faith even though those terrible things have happened. She tried to explain to me that wonderful things came out of war, and I just didn’t see it. Well, this is a great example…without those men who were blinded, would the blind have so many wonderful things to help them acheive a wonderful life today? Some interesting food for thought. I know I’m grateful for them, and they certainly didn’t lose their vision in vein.

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