They made these just for blinks

Ok, they probably didn’t, but oh my goodness are these things cool. I’m gonna get some Monday when L and I go to Target.

Purex Complete 3 in 1 sheets

Toss a sheet in the washer with your clothes, leave it with the clothes when you throw them in the dryer and that’s it. Detergent in the washer, fabric softner and dryer sheet activate in the dryer. Oh I can’t wait I can’t wait!

I was gonna have to use powder because I didn’t want to struggle with pouring dtergent. Also, lugging around all that stuff to the laundry room, yuck. These things? Perfect!!! Wow!!! Toss the dispenser in your basket and you’re good to go. Can you tell I’m excited? I just called Gamma and she wants to try them too. With her arthritis and macular degeneration, she can’t pour detergent and hates the powder. I can’t wait!


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  1. Hopefully, you will like them more than I did! My parents have them at their vacation home and I tried them. I wasn’t all that impressed. But, I an a die hard Tide girl. Tide and Bounty or Downy are my perfect combo.

  2. Ro

    What didn’t you like about them?

  3. You know what I miss? Tide tabs. They only did the wash part, but it was great. Throw a little soap block in with your clothes, if you have two loads, one block per load, done done done, don’t have to carry soap in little containers. But they discontinued ’em, the dumbos. You’ll have to let me know how these sheets do.

  4. Hmm those look neat. Do you know if they are scented? I can’t handle the scented stuff, drives me nuts. I have to use the ‘free and clear’ detergent so it won’t bug me.

  5. Ro

    I know it mentioned scents, but I didn’t notice if there was an uncented one. If not, I bet there will be one in the future if these take off.

  6. Hey its Shanna with Nestle from the e-mail list. I’m stalking your blog..hope you don’t mind.

    Anyway, I use regular liquid detergent, but I do have to haul my crap to a communal laundry room, so I may look into these! Thanks for the tip!

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